Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fiery Red

Haha I'm supposed to darken my hair but no idea why become so red instead. The book shows a darker tone leh. Think my hair "eats" color too fast and well. 
Le' bf said my previous hair color is too "Lian", now I ended up with an Aunty color. Still thinking if I should cut my hair SHORT, real short? 
Cos I'm lazy to style my hair, especially in the morning. And my hair is THIS messy everyday. I don't care, I really don't. Short hair is easy to manage, but not when it's at shoulder length.
After the house reno is completed, I need to focus on my work again. Need to come up with an impressive proposal.

My free time are all given to my family and kids only. I didn't meet many many friends for a year or more already. Sorry friends. 
Becos right now, I only have one focus in mind. Which is to earn more money to provide a comfortable life for the kids and my parents. The rest are secondary. 
My dad heard that I bought a cheap TV and also requested me to buy one for him. But this is $999. And B spent 2 hours to mount it up for him. He happy can already lah. 

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