Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!

Hey hi, first post for this brand new year. Is it only me who felt that 2015 passed EXTREMELY fast? I mean, I know after passing 21 years old, every year zoomed by without knowing. But last year was extra fast for me.

I have left my parents' co for a year already. And suddenly, me and B is coming to a year soon.

Like what I've said 9 months ago, meeting him is one of the best thing that happened to me. Even though he's getting more and more irritating, but still, he's the best.

It's okay, he can continue to irritate me, cos I'll think of ways to irritate him too. Recently, I've been annoying him with all my TB loots, insisting him to change his design cos I want to put my display till he kena nightmare. LOL


This was how I spent my countdown. As usual, I was at home, with family. 

I'm a boring person. I'm too old to club, cos next day I'll be so dead. And now, I met a man as boring as myself, lol. 

Aiya, it's expected when you're a mum/dad. You change your lifestyle to fit into your children one, and not the other way round. 

Something pretty to wrap up my 2015, things I wouldn't bear to splurge on. Powder costs $98 and eyebrow palette costs $68. (Sorry ah, I don't buy expensive cosmetics nor skincare.)

The ONLY thing I will spent a lot on is, BAG. I got my first designer bag at 17-18 and since then, I promised to buy myself (at least) one every year. That's why I need a bag collection shelf! This year, I'm aiming a Dior one. Lol

It's just a passion lor. Like how some people love cars, diamonds, watches, shoes or etc. 

But probably, for the next few months, I'll be looking out for pots and pans, lolol.

This is so cute, but it's $85. B asked me to buy. I thinking.
Two days ago, I posted on FB about this incredible offer from Qoo10. Buy abalone free WMF pot. It's a branded pot btw, you can google. I bought two, hahaha! 
It arrived this morning. So hardworking, holiday also work. But I only received one cos I ordered them at different timing. So happy to see the pot, haha. My FIRST pot in my new house. 

Happy!!! Cos my 姑姑's cousin started doing the incomplete tiles today! It's so hard to find people to take over at this period of time. Those who are willing to do quoted us exhorbitated price.


By next week, all the floorings including the toilet will be completed! Yay! Can start on carpentry lo! Time to go and get a bathtub! Woohoo

I'm one very impatient person. I like to get things done asap, even work. Otherwise when all the mood gone, I'll start to procrastinate again. 

Kids @ IKEA Tampines this afternoon. Yes, we brought them to see some stuffs & get some of THEIR stuffs. Neverending buys lo, keep buying and buying only.

But I'm glad I've someone to do all these with me, so willingly. In fact, he's the one pushing & inspiring me to do most of the things, I really heck care to the max initially.

Now, no more liao, I'll tell him to change when I think is tak match. I don't want to do liao then regret, then redo again. 

The kids are mad excited about it already. They have chosen their bedsheet lor. 

I also can't wait to see my walk-in wardrobe!!! 

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