Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My life is awesome!

No, my life is not perfect, but it's pretty awesome now. Eversince the day I started to appreciate more & complain lesser, I feel so much happier. And then, gradually, all the awesome things started to flow in.

Today, I spent $1600++ on the main bathroom and kitchen stuffs. Another $449 on a sofa I found on Carousell that takes 16 days to preorder. 

I've been searching very hard for a sofa; one that I like and it's not too expensive, and can match the color theme.

And I found this - $399 + $50 delivery. I tell you why I LOVE this sofa so much. 
Cos there are storages and one panel can be made into a table!!! Hahaha 

Furthermore, it's only $399. I refused to spend my money on a designer sofa. In fact, all the things I bought are cheap cheap ones. Either at promotion rate or display sets or I bargain until siao. LOL

No choice. Aunty is like that. Hard earned money leh, 能省则省 lor.

All tiles completed! Nice nice now. They are cleaning it up already. Starting on the toilet soon. Yah, I die die wanted to revamp the toilets cos it's really ugly ttm. 

I know if I don't do it now, I'll still do it one day and it will be much more expensive cos it's not bundle price anymore. 

I'm kinda broke already.

But my "ehhhhhhh b, ehhhhhh" works so well. Cos when I do that, my baby will "ok lah ok lah", hahaha. I asked him to sponsor me one cabinet from IKEA. Haha

He imitated my "ehhhhh b, ehhhh" and I saved up the two voice messages! Lol

Nope, he's not stingy on me, but cos he prepared a surprise for me for our 1 year anniversary - a $6000 trip. But it has to be postponed for awhile cos I need to help to do dialysis for Bubble + look after the kids. 

Sidetrack abit. I read a lot of Fengshui articles on my luck & all mentioned that my career will be very good this year! I showed it to him... And asked him, "is there any pay rise then?" 

My pay rise is... A MAID. Lolol уes, a real foreign domestic helper. I'm really exited cos there will be someone helping out with the kids officially. And I need not do housework!!! Yippie! 

Porsche Panamera is my current dream car. It's so chio!!! 
Sorry, it's just a dream, I'm not showing off anything. 


  1. Hi babe, oh you're really my idol. Your house must be pretty max like you. OMG pay rise a maid, this is a dream that will never come true. POORMAXSIA.

    Do you recommend rebounding of hair? Been reading articles that say it will harm our hair and more worst is it will cost hair loss mostly. I've been drop crazy load of hair but my hair is frizzy like grass as comment by honest kid. Should I do or not? Mind advise me? I'm in fix of doing or not? Sorry for bother you when you are busy like bee. Looking forward for your soonest reply as it coming CNY already. Thanks so much.

    A crazy reader of yours, really hope have the chance to get to see you in real. If can, can pay a visit to your pretty house. Oh daydreaming me. HAHA!

    1. Erm, you can go for soft rebond which is less damaging to hair? I didn't rebond for very long le, so I can't do any recommendation.

  2. babe, whats the sofa called in carousell. its cool. i like it too.


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