Monday, January 18, 2016

Only the first day...

Le bf has left for an urgent trip and will be away for the next 3 more days. We are facing some separation anxiety lor...

That's how close we are. Even when we argued and fought, we still stick together. Everywhere I go, he is beside, doing all his unreasonable stunts, protecting me from everyone and everything. We literally stick together 24/7, except at home. He brings me everywhere he goes. And he wants to follow me everywhere I go. Sick of each other? Surprisingly, no leh. 


I thought I can still be normal & good without him, cos afterall, I've been quite man for the past many years. But I've proven him wrong today, only the first day.

I dropped the house gate key into a stupid 无底洞, no way to get it back, can't get into the house until he's back. 

He kept laughing & saying "how can you do without me?" and "but I still love you b", while I was there sweating all over, trying to see where the key vanished.


He said, "for the next few days, you just go shopping, and buy whatever you want." 

Yah right. My car is so damn full. The kids almost have to sit on the roof already. LOLOL

Nonetheless, I had some good shopping today, even though I bought nothing for myself. 

$5 per pair. Can you believe it? Niceeeeee. Best buy of the day. Cotton On Kids. You're welcome.

The kids are so happy, they can't stop thanking me for it, cos they loved it. Can't help that their mother got good taste. Hahahaha

Pretty things can be very very affordable too. (I refused to use the word "cheap".) 

The dog who behaves like a human now. She got a new pillow too. She's literally super weak now, sleeping for the whole day, but still can't bear to leave us. Her condition these few days made me cry like crazy, really crazy. I can't control and can't stop. I'm not exaggerating. It's really very upsetting.

You know, it happened so suddenly. Last Friday morning, she suddenly lost all her energy, and lie down whole day. I'm still puzzled why and what happened? She got eat her food and take her medication. Why suddenly deteriorated so badly overnight?

I'm not gonna post her sad photos here cos I want to stay positive for this fighter. She's a very vain dog, FYI. I think she will hate me if I post her ugly photos up. LOL

Haiz. I miss my man; his daily hugs, kisses and nonsenses.

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