Monday, January 11, 2016

Our little fighter; Bubble Ng

Have been thinking about Bubble, till I can't sleep... She's still alive, but will leave us anytime, soon.

She has visited our incomplete new house on Saturday. 

Also went for a short picnic after that. However, she was in her own world all the time, too lethargic, drowsy and restless to do anything. 

She's very unwell again yesterday. No appetite to eat or drink anything, vomitted out most of her force-fed food, water and medicine. 

We know she's suffering and in great pain, cos she's shivering all the time. But she has been fighting and fighting, just to spend more time with us. 

(Well, I've no idea how and what she thinks though. Are they all natural fighter or? But I choose to believe that Bubble can't bear to leave us!) 

As I'm typing these, I'm crying real badly, but it's time to go already Bubble. Go to a better place free of pain and sufferings, go and find your friends & parents. 

We're prepared. My mum has prepared everything and we know how much it takes for her to do that. 

We have brought her to TCM and specialist and all of them said she's incurable. What we can do is to keep giving painkiller to prolong her life. But seeing her suffers in pain, killed us too.

God, please take her away peacefully, let her go painlessly. We love you, Bubble. 

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