Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rich & Good

At the rate I'm eating, there's no way I can slim down, lolol, stress.

I'm one who is very generous with food. B always say, "you can buy $400 worth of food, and give all away." Haha 

We were nearby to collect something. So I told B about this old school cake shop, they sell extremely soft and delicious Swiss rolls, I bought 6 boxes. 
B ate it on the spot, and even him, who doesn't really like cake, thinks it's good. 
My photo doesn't do any justice to the Swiss rolls. I went to google other photos...

It's really rich and good (eat liao also become rich & good), not cheap though, price from $8/roll onwards. 
This Meimei, is always super excited when she sees cake. She go and find candles herself...
I almost fainted. Lol

Then I told her, "this cake is very good when it's cold and taste like ice cream when it's frozen." 

I saw this next. She took out one minute later and complain that I lied to her, it didn't become ice cream. Duh

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