Wednesday, January 20, 2016

RIP Bubble

She's gone... to a better place. 

Mum came to my room at 5+am, telling me "Bubble 走了". I jumped up. And can't stop crying since then. (Even my dad cried lor!) 

She passed on peacefully in her usual sleeping position, hugging the pillow I just bought for her. No pain, no struggle and no sound. She looked like she's sleeping very soundly.

The last time I saw her (still) breathing was at 9pm last night, before putting the kids to bed. I asked her if she wants to go my house again? She blinked at me many times. 
I'm glad she went to our new house before, twice. :) 

The house door will always be open for you, Bubble. Feel free to come as and when you like. You're forever part of our family. Come back and see us!

Thinking on the bright side, she's free from sufferings & pain now. Everyone came back to see her for the last time, we took leave from work/school to send her off. 
Bubble Ng: 15th March 2006 - 20th January 2016

Bubble, you will always be remembered, forever and ever. Thank you for the past 10 years. I shall keep all the cute and fond memories of you in my heart now. Rest in peace. Love you. 


  1. Bubble is off to a better place im certain of that.. with many many friends keeping her accompanied. stay strong babe!

  2. RIP Bubble, have lotsa fun at doggy heaven.

  3. Tears filled my eyes when im reading this. RIP bubbles.


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