Friday, January 15, 2016

Slowly but surely...

ALL tiles completed!!! Yay! Now onto the next step - Carpentry. 
Doors are up too. But I wanna change the color of the toilet door frame. It's omg tak match. 

The reno has been ongoing for 1 month plus, very slow I know, and it's kinda messy. Cos B is a messy man. He can do one thing halfway, then starts another. But he will complete everything eventually. 

However, I cannot follow his pattern lor. I cannot do things halfway one. I must complete, before I start another.

You see, he haven't finish painting and cleaning, he wanted to fix the kid's bed. Then his paint dripped everywhere, made me clean and clean and clean. And he said I've OCD. -.-"

I argued with him over the sequence of things to be done and delivered, insisted the house to be cleaned up before installing and fixing of anything. He gave in to me anyway. Lol

Actually, he's trying to rush for CNY so we can invite immediate family and friends over for a meal. But to me, if can be done would be great, if can't also nvm. I'm not in a hurry lah. 

Just for you and my info, until now, I still don't know the theme and design, I have no idea what's he gonna do. He refused to tell me, just briefed me a little here and there. Sometimes I feel, he's a mystery man, nobody can guess him/what is he gonna do next, not even me. 

Went to change my address on my IC today, cos I've chosen & interviewed the FDW already. 
Say hello to erm, I forgot her name liao. Welcome to the family. Please be nice, and we will be nice to you too. 

My fat mermaid aka Raechelle is so freaking excited... She said, "can you ask the Aunty to play with me?" Her idea is, engaging a helper just to play with her nia. 

To be very frank, my life now, is a life I thought I'll never have, 5 years ago. Maid? Wait long long hor. I'm kena treated like a maid only. In fact, worse than a maid. Maid has salary and off days. I have nothing. 
I'm glad I stepped out, and moved on. Nonsense people will say I'm selfish, didn't think for my kids & etc. Com'on. I don't want to live my whole life complaining pathetically. 

My kids are very happy now. In fact, happier than before. My 4 YO said, "can you faster marry xxx? I like him leh." She's only 4, but she knows who genuinely love and care for her. (Le' bf loves her to bits!) 

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  1. No u are not selfish.. U have every single right to go for what is better for you and what is best for urself and ur girls..

    Selfish is when u know u are trench hole and u know u are suffering.. Ur girls are not growing well in that environment and yet u continue ur life in that manner.

    This is not selfish.. This is going for what is rightfully good for u.. So pls don say that.. I followed ur blog since eons ago and saw how much you've mature since then.. There were so many times many peeps told u to leave him and yet u continued because of ur kids and the vow u had made...

    Now u have finally left him and found a man who deserve u and treat u so much better.. I am truly glad for u..

    Don write anymore negative things about urself k? Because u are so much better (",) take care!


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