Saturday, February 27, 2016

Haiz, kids.

Caned Raeann just now (very very light only), and she's once again, blaming me for being unfair.


1) Meimei is unwell, gotten gastric flu, lao sai more than 20 times over the last two days. She is still feeling grouchy over her painful butt, and unable to eat much. 

2) They fought. (What's new?) Raeann disturbed Meimei by saying want to throw her new shoes, so Meimei took Raeann's new shoes and throw to a corner, then Raeann punched her in her tummy. 

P/S: I bought Raeann TWO pairs of new shoes and Meimei ONE pair online. Meimei didn't fuss nor say anything. But if it's Raeann, she will niam for 3 hours, complaining how unfair I am. 

But the fact is, she's one incontented kid. She thinks that the grass is always greener on the other side. In this case, she's super irritating and always pissing me off. 

I caned her becos she is ALWAYS very violent, ALWAYS using violence to resolve issues. She gives no mercy to her sister at all. I've seen her kicking her very hard off the bed, pushing her flat on the floor etc etc. And when I scolded her, she said I'm unfair. 

Sometimes, I really feel like slapping her. People thought it's easy to handle her, until they kena her CB pattern. (Sorry, I'm honestly fucking pissed.) 

In terms of studies, she gave ENDLESS problems. In terms of attitude, she deserved to be slap sometimes. I seriously hate her resorting to violence. Can it solve any problem? Anger is not an excuse. Think what? When you're angry, you kill/injured people is not an offence ah? THINK. 

You can always use many other methods to kill off the anger, without hurting anyone. 

When I'm really angry, I won't smash, throw, scold or even say anything. (I'll only go shopping, haha!) Becos before I got really angry, I've already said my piece. I'm definitely not a violent person. 

So Raeann, pls, don't ever do that again. I feel so lethargic being your mom, I don't know how to teach and discipline you. Hitting people first is always WRONG, no matter what reason you give. Don't always learn the wrong thing and STILL think you're right.

You know what reason people always give when they hit someone? 

"It's the other person who started it." 

Well. But that person didn't start any fight. Why don't you just blame yourself for not controlling your own anger?
You disagreed with what the other party said/done (or even their looks) doesn't mean he/she is wrong. Get this clear. 

And oh, a man should never ever touch a woman, especially his gf/wife, NEVER.

If you've done it and STILL think that is not wrong, then you better go and die. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The story of my wall.

Not sure if I've mentioned before. My house has no concept, no theme, like what then do/put what. Therefore, there are some wastage due to trial and error. We tried to minimise it as much as possible though.

Master bedroom wall, even though painted a few times, there wasn't much wastage. 

First, I ANYHOW chosen RED. 

And we bought 5L. However, it looks damn loud so we decided to buy another dull tone to contrast it. 

After googling on what color can match, we go for industrial grey. But after painting all, we thought that the red was really ugly. And also, my friend just started his wallpaper business, we decided to support him abit. So we put wallpaper over that red wall. 

B chosen the wallpaper, refused to let me know what color/design. (I'm not blaming him.) 

After putting it up, I swear I looked at it 528726 times cos I felt it's so tak match but he said can match. (Well, he later admitted it's tak match too!)

I felt really pekchek... 

So I changed to a lighter grey (almost white) instead. This grey was bought extra last time, which I don't know why he bought it too. 

I almost went to buy another color to paint again... ("Healing touch" from previous post.) 

Then I saw an obvious deep scratch caused by contractor, but he's damn nice, he promised to compensate the wallpaper. (I'll ignore if it can be covered by the bed, honestly.) 

B made the decision to tear the whole wallpaper out, paint it instead of replacing. It's painful watching it, cos wallpaper installation is not cheap. Even though others is paying for it now, but still, it's such a waste. Haiz 

And I've to paint again. Damn tedious. Now left for touch up, then bed can be up next week. 

Anyone wants to slim down? Go paint your house. I assure you will definitely slim down, with bodyache & blisters on your hands. 

I still have one more (connecting) room to paint. It's omg killing me. 

Sorry ah, I'm not those who will ask and wait for people to do it for me. (Then get angry if they didn't.) In fact, I like to do it myself cos I scare they will do wrongly (or not nice) then I've to redo again. I'm a perfectionist. Either I don't do (and don't complain) or I do it nicely. But can I don't do renovation, painting, fixing and all the men job again? I really hate it. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Paint, paint, paint.

Hello everybirdie. (Actually, blogging seems like a dreadful business to me now. I'm so busy everyday. Then when I'm more free, things already accumulated till I don't know where to start.)

I sold the first Vezel today. (Not the first car I sold though.) Well, selling/buying car definitely needs some luck, timing is very important. My friend looked for me wanting to buy a Vezel desperately few months back, but we do not have ready stock then. My aunt called me yesterday, initially wanted to change to the new Altis, but I asked her to change Vezel instead. We have one last one in the color she wanted. So she came and signed today, and able to collect car next week. See. It's luck. She got it at a very good price too, compared to the price 1-2 months ago.
From the bottom of my heart, Vezel is a nice economy car. Suitable for small family. Last ready stock in Maroon, anyone?

I repainted master bedroom wall again, alone. Tmd, painting can help to slim down man, I swear. 
Does the color match? I sometimes think it matches, sometimes think it doesn't. Paint too much, got confusion liao. 
Or healing touch better? Help! I'm in dilemma!!! 

You know when you're with a handy man, you must learn to be handy too. Paint lah, fix this fix that lah, screw lah, all must know one. Cos he will gets very pekchek when he don't see my face (outside relaxing mah), so he will try ways and means to make me "help" him.


He just want to see my face. Maybe I should print photos of myself and paste it everywhere.

Came late, but better than never.
My very useful sofa which is kinda small, but I still ℓσνє it. 

Ok, I'm going to sleep. Getting slimmer and more 憔悴 liao. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Monkey Year

WOOHOOOOOO. I'm still alive. Busy and stress level tri-folded recently, I've no time and energy to blog. The house is honestly killing me. I've no time/mood to do/buy anything for CNY at all.

Bought everything (only the kids' stuffs) at very last minute. And it's chop chop 10mins job. Take, pay and go. Anyway, we didn't go 拜年. Stuck at home & went new house for awhile on 初二 only. It wasn't a happy CNY. But it's finally over. Back to reality tomorrow.

Some #throwback photos...

The new house has become their heaven on earth for now. Kitchen and toilets are completed, their room is 95% completed, the rest, 40% completed. VERY TIRING CAN, cos it's all DIY jobs now, I kinda lose the momentum again.

You know how much a guy loves you when he gave in to all your nonsense requests (even though he gets very pekchek and niam you for it, but he still do it).

I drive him crazy by keep popping out new "ideas" for the house. Then I keep buying all sorts of rubbish and he has to either collect for me, or send me to collect. (He never allow me to go alone.)

But he will scold and niam one lor. I just ignore lah, he will be fine after he finish his niam keng. Hahahaha 

Dealing with him is like how I always deal with my father. They are both equally weird. Cos most of the time when nobody understands what my dad is talking about, he do. 

Thank god for Win, otherwise I really have to clean until crazy. Not only cleaning, she's helping me a lot with the kids too, if not I think I'll cry everyday. Theyneedtofighteverydayifnottheycannotsleep. Tmd.

Why people always tell me as they grow older, my life will get better? Where got? As they grow older, they are more difficult to handle can.

They have their own mindset and you cannot force them to do what u want them to do anymore. Like Raeann, she HATES wearing dresses. In the past, I still can force her to wear once in awhile. Now? I can only ask her once, if she refused, I don't ask again. If one day you met her on the street with some weird dressing, no, I didn't allow, but I've no choice. I don't want to make her and my own life difficult.

She's not easy to handle. And using the hard way on her never work at all. Becos she will either talk back, or chut even more patterns. She's very self-centered. Once in awhile, when she's in good mood, she will listen lah.

It's her nature. Nobody can change her, unless she changed herself. Haiz
Btw, EAC has once again shifted office. The head office will be at KB from now onwards. And Pioneer lounge is gone, converted to another small office. Becos we have too many tables, chairs and nonsenses, there's no way to transfer everything into KB.

We have a new colleague to take over some administrative work from me and I'll be going to do sales after CNY.

But hor, my sales job has like 628175 rules. I cannot give my name card, I cannot talk to male, I cannot go alone, I can only wear EAC top and jeans. LOL

B thinks too highly of me. He thinks I'm so damn chio that every guy wants to know me. Haha 

But whatever it is, I just want the best for EAC. With B leading the sales dept from now on, I believe EAC will have a breakthrough. Looking forward.

Thank you B, for your overwhelmed protectiveness, concern and love. ILY.