Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Paint, paint, paint.

Hello everybirdie. (Actually, blogging seems like a dreadful business to me now. I'm so busy everyday. Then when I'm more free, things already accumulated till I don't know where to start.)

I sold the first Vezel today. (Not the first car I sold though.) Well, selling/buying car definitely needs some luck, timing is very important. My friend looked for me wanting to buy a Vezel desperately few months back, but we do not have ready stock then. My aunt called me yesterday, initially wanted to change to the new Altis, but I asked her to change Vezel instead. We have one last one in the color she wanted. So she came and signed today, and able to collect car next week. See. It's luck. She got it at a very good price too, compared to the price 1-2 months ago.
From the bottom of my heart, Vezel is a nice economy car. Suitable for small family. Last ready stock in Maroon, anyone?

I repainted master bedroom wall again, alone. Tmd, painting can help to slim down man, I swear. 
Does the color match? I sometimes think it matches, sometimes think it doesn't. Paint too much, got confusion liao. 
Or healing touch better? Help! I'm in dilemma!!! 

You know when you're with a handy man, you must learn to be handy too. Paint lah, fix this fix that lah, screw lah, all must know one. Cos he will gets very pekchek when he don't see my face (outside relaxing mah), so he will try ways and means to make me "help" him.


He just want to see my face. Maybe I should print photos of myself and paste it everywhere.

Came late, but better than never.
My very useful sofa which is kinda small, but I still ℓσνє it. 

Ok, I'm going to sleep. Getting slimmer and more 憔悴 liao. 

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