Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Monkey Year

WOOHOOOOOO. I'm still alive. Busy and stress level tri-folded recently, I've no time and energy to blog. The house is honestly killing me. I've no time/mood to do/buy anything for CNY at all.

Bought everything (only the kids' stuffs) at very last minute. And it's chop chop 10mins job. Take, pay and go. Anyway, we didn't go 拜年. Stuck at home & went new house for awhile on 初二 only. It wasn't a happy CNY. But it's finally over. Back to reality tomorrow.

Some #throwback photos...

The new house has become their heaven on earth for now. Kitchen and toilets are completed, their room is 95% completed, the rest, 40% completed. VERY TIRING CAN, cos it's all DIY jobs now, I kinda lose the momentum again.

You know how much a guy loves you when he gave in to all your nonsense requests (even though he gets very pekchek and niam you for it, but he still do it).

I drive him crazy by keep popping out new "ideas" for the house. Then I keep buying all sorts of rubbish and he has to either collect for me, or send me to collect. (He never allow me to go alone.)

But he will scold and niam one lor. I just ignore lah, he will be fine after he finish his niam keng. Hahahaha 

Dealing with him is like how I always deal with my father. They are both equally weird. Cos most of the time when nobody understands what my dad is talking about, he do. 

Thank god for Win, otherwise I really have to clean until crazy. Not only cleaning, she's helping me a lot with the kids too, if not I think I'll cry everyday. Theyneedtofighteverydayifnottheycannotsleep. Tmd.

Why people always tell me as they grow older, my life will get better? Where got? As they grow older, they are more difficult to handle can.

They have their own mindset and you cannot force them to do what u want them to do anymore. Like Raeann, she HATES wearing dresses. In the past, I still can force her to wear once in awhile. Now? I can only ask her once, if she refused, I don't ask again. If one day you met her on the street with some weird dressing, no, I didn't allow, but I've no choice. I don't want to make her and my own life difficult.

She's not easy to handle. And using the hard way on her never work at all. Becos she will either talk back, or chut even more patterns. She's very self-centered. Once in awhile, when she's in good mood, she will listen lah.

It's her nature. Nobody can change her, unless she changed herself. Haiz
Btw, EAC has once again shifted office. The head office will be at KB from now onwards. And Pioneer lounge is gone, converted to another small office. Becos we have too many tables, chairs and nonsenses, there's no way to transfer everything into KB.

We have a new colleague to take over some administrative work from me and I'll be going to do sales after CNY.

But hor, my sales job has like 628175 rules. I cannot give my name card, I cannot talk to male, I cannot go alone, I can only wear EAC top and jeans. LOL

B thinks too highly of me. He thinks I'm so damn chio that every guy wants to know me. Haha 

But whatever it is, I just want the best for EAC. With B leading the sales dept from now on, I believe EAC will have a breakthrough. Looking forward.

Thank you B, for your overwhelmed protectiveness, concern and love. ILY.

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