Sunday, February 21, 2016

The story of my wall.

Not sure if I've mentioned before. My house has no concept, no theme, like what then do/put what. Therefore, there are some wastage due to trial and error. We tried to minimise it as much as possible though.

Master bedroom wall, even though painted a few times, there wasn't much wastage. 

First, I ANYHOW chosen RED. 

And we bought 5L. However, it looks damn loud so we decided to buy another dull tone to contrast it. 

After googling on what color can match, we go for industrial grey. But after painting all, we thought that the red was really ugly. And also, my friend just started his wallpaper business, we decided to support him abit. So we put wallpaper over that red wall. 

B chosen the wallpaper, refused to let me know what color/design. (I'm not blaming him.) 

After putting it up, I swear I looked at it 528726 times cos I felt it's so tak match but he said can match. (Well, he later admitted it's tak match too!)

I felt really pekchek... 

So I changed to a lighter grey (almost white) instead. This grey was bought extra last time, which I don't know why he bought it too. 

I almost went to buy another color to paint again... ("Healing touch" from previous post.) 

Then I saw an obvious deep scratch caused by contractor, but he's damn nice, he promised to compensate the wallpaper. (I'll ignore if it can be covered by the bed, honestly.) 

B made the decision to tear the whole wallpaper out, paint it instead of replacing. It's painful watching it, cos wallpaper installation is not cheap. Even though others is paying for it now, but still, it's such a waste. Haiz 

And I've to paint again. Damn tedious. Now left for touch up, then bed can be up next week. 

Anyone wants to slim down? Go paint your house. I assure you will definitely slim down, with bodyache & blisters on your hands. 

I still have one more (connecting) room to paint. It's omg killing me. 

Sorry ah, I'm not those who will ask and wait for people to do it for me. (Then get angry if they didn't.) In fact, I like to do it myself cos I scare they will do wrongly (or not nice) then I've to redo again. I'm a perfectionist. Either I don't do (and don't complain) or I do it nicely. But can I don't do renovation, painting, fixing and all the men job again? I really hate it. 

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