Thursday, March 31, 2016


Brrrr... It's so cold even though I'm in like many layers of clothes in the hotel. Yes. I fall sick. My plan to go 士林夜市 has to be postponed. Thankfully, I managed to drag myself out for a walk to Taipei 101 and etc earlier. 

It's such a spoilsport to fall sick during holiday. Can't enjoy, can't eat, no strength to walk. All becos I tell myself I MUST try their 超大鸡扒 and bbq corn yesterday. And I woke up voiceless this morning. Nice. 

Despite having fever, it didn't stop me from exploring and finding the famous cheese tart! 

However, everything seems tasteless to me now.

Most comfort food at this very moment - 贡丸汤, from the food shop below my hotel. It's good! 

I also bought medication and planned to sleep early tonight, so I can wake up earlier to enjoy tomorrow. Pls, let me get well by tomorrow. I'm a good girl today. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Have been catching up the news on the little girl who has been killed... I really feel like crying. 

It happened yesterday, the time when I was alone loitering around Taipei street. I was told Taipei is very safe, which I do agree, and people here are very friendly. Sometimes, friendly till you feel scared. 

So I heard about this news right after it happened, and caught it on TV news in the noon. 

How on earth can someone bear to kill such an innocent little stranger? I don't wish to comment much about the murderer, but I feel for the mom. I hope she can stay strong for her 3 other kids. 

Why I choose Taipei? 

Becos that's the only place I'm able to communicate with the people here. Imagine if I'm alone at some other place, not familiar and unable to communicate, then how? 

Everywhere is not safe now. 

Even SG, it's not as safe as what many thought. With natural disasters, terrorists and stress people suffering from mental problem, nowhere is safe. 

Sometimes, it's life, obstacles you cannot escape. That's why I was so worried when I forgot to bring my amulet!!! Omg! Please 保佑 me 平平安安! I don't dare to stay out too late too. The sky here turns dark from 6pm. 

A few friends msged me, saying how brave I am etc. To be honest, I am not that brave one. Day time still okay, but night time I'll feel scare walking that dark pavement alone. 

I just felt damn stressed in SG, that's why I need a getaway from everything at this moment. 

Stress from work. Stress from kids. Stress from many things. It's damn stressful being a single mom cos every single thing falls on you alone. I'm thankful for my family cos without them, I'll be even more stressed. 

An once in a lifetime adventure! 

Travelling alone might be bored (and crazy like how I used to think), but you can choose to go anywhere and do anything you like. Like you know, don't have to wait for others. Hungry then eat, tired then rest, happy then shop. Sleep and wake up at anytime I like. The only thing is, I cannot order more food, cos I won't be able to finish. 

But it's really an once in a lifetime experience! I don't think I'll able to do it again, my mum will kill me. Lol

Can't get used to food here though! 

So I woke up with a bad sore throat today and I restricted myself from all the bbq and fried food. I don't want to fall sick here. 

However, I don't know how to appreciate their local comfort food. 

西门町 & 士林夜市

士林夜市 has so many things to see and buy!!! I carried until bth liao so I called it a day. I'll go back again! Only worried - luggage will explode. 

No, I didn't buy a lot, but I brought a small luggage, with plenty of winter wear. 

Okay, time for bed. Continue my adventure tomorrow! Hope my throat gets better cos I really want to eat their HUGE sausage and 炸鸡排!!! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sore throat liao!

2nd day only, I'm starting to have sore throat! Nope, not becos of all the food here, but I think is cos food stalls here don't sell water one. And I ended up drinking very very little water. 

Weather is great here! But when the wind blows.... Brrrr.... It freezes! 

Yes oh, I'm in Taipei now! How do they survive eating all the fried food without drinking water?! 

Met up with cousin and his family! Yup, my cousin has a family and business in Taipei. 

He brought me to 饶河夜市 for dinner earlier! 

Thanks for bringing me there! Even though I keep saying it's okay, don't have to bother about me one, I can explore around myself. During the day, I explored places myself, nearby though cos I scare I get lost! Haha 


We parted inside the MRT, cos he's going home mah. It's quite scary walking this lane back to the hotel at night. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Staycation @ new house!

Ah, the kids have been pestering to sleep over at their new house for a day or two. Everything arrived in time, my blind and bedsheet. So I fulfilled their wish since it's the March school holiday.

Went over after Raeann's tuition. As it was quite late already, I cooked a simple meal for them. 

After their wonderful time in the bath tub, it's time for homework.

Nah, my room is not completed yet. But well, as long as there's a bed for me to sleep... And they're happy, ok de lah. 

Then we fixed this up! So I can hang my clothes.

They slept in my room for the first night, woke up at 6+am, omg. 

Cooked breakfast for them and then went back to nap for 1 hour. I was so tired.


It's lunch preparation. Guess what's cooking? You know kids, they love to play with all these.

Oh yay! MHK, recipe from Cheryl! Didn't have time to meet her recently. So busy. 

Actually, MHK is really easy to cook. As long as the soup base is nice, it will be yummy. For the soup, I used ikan bilis, yellow bean and pork bone. (The soup can be used for anything.)

B ate 4 big bowls. He loves MHK as much as me! But he said Cheryl's one tasted better. That's of cos. It's my first attempt!!!

Yup, Alexis came for a sleepover. The kids were so excited and happy. To me, meals are very important. Want to play, can, finish up all your food first. 

They don't know how to eat MHK so I cooked macaroni for them instead. They super love it! Even requested it for lunch again today. 

Meimei always say, "mummy is the best cook in the world". Hahahahaha 

My display drawers arrived!! Kinda surprised the delivery falls on a Sunday. I love it so much. It's so worth for the price paid. $100+ each only. 

Customised it with the felt mat I bought from IKEA!

Brought the kids to kidz amaze before Alexis goes to her 奶奶's house. It's really amazing how the two crazy get along so well. Becos of them, me and PY managed to stay in contact often.

I'm too busy till the extend I've no time for my friends. Then hor, I dislike to make plans or ask people out (cos not everyone is okay with my timing). I'll last minute decide I want to go somewhere, then poof, I go myself. Buy buy buy, then go home. 

Life of a busy woman. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

So true! :(

So now, no more family business! I will reject all. I don't like the feeling of being stuck cos I'm not familiar and I can't make any decision. In order to explain one simple question, I've to ask, research or read up about it. It's tiring.

And the most hateful thing is, getting scolded for nothing after all that you have done for them. 

Well, I'm not a dumb person, neither am I over sensitive. If you have the balls to do it, pls have the balls to admit it. 
I do not like conflict. Neither will I create a drama FIRST. People who know me well should know how "in my own world" I am now. I don't care and don't bother. 

But you don't step on my tail, becos I'm NOT a pushover, keep quiet and let people bully type of person. When it comes to that extend, I don't give a fuck to who you are at all. I won't give in means I won't give in. 
Reason for not giving in - I've already found enough evidences and able thrash things out with you logically. My patience is probably up till my limit already. 

I certainly know how stubborn I am. But well, I didn't provoke you first. If you have any doubts or are unhappy with me, tell me straight in my face, I will not be angry. On the contrary, I'll appreciate it.
Don't go around spouting nonsense and let me know about it already, then come and clarify with me, it's too late. 
Yes, I might not know a lot of things becos I'm just not interested to know, but I'm good at putting puzzles together and digging information! 

Oh well.

Harlow Bubbleeeee! Miss miss you. 

Anyway, I'm so boredddddd! "On leave" now, cos hahahahaha, it's a trend!!! The luxury to enjoy a jobless life, to be frank, I don't like it. I'VE NOTHING TO DO & had a hard time finding something to do. Omg

I went IKEA alone today and shopped for 3 hours. Then I went new house to do some D.I.Y. while waiting for my dining table set...

Same like my sofa, I searched and thought about it for a longgggggg time. Cos this is erm, expensive, $749 w/ delivery & assembly. (But it's considered cheap for a set!) 

I love it so much!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"COE, We know it!"

Have never been so concerned about COE bidding before. Helped my good friend to monitor it today. Her FIL bought a Harrier from us on Monday. 

You know ah, I realised there's a lot of bombastic people out there. Before you buy, they offered you nothing good. After you buy, they will have 629267 comments and advices. The most ridiculous ones are... 

1) COE SURE FALL/RISE ONE. Like as if they know.

2) IMPOSSIBLE THEY SELL CAR ONE DON'T KNOW THAT COE WILL FALL. Yah, does my father looks like Minister of Transport? 

Anyway, prices are very competitive. If you think you found a better deal, just go ahead. I'm sick and tired of explaining again and again. I mean, I'm willing to explain to you if you don't understand. But you don't ask again and again and again and keep asking for more and more and more. If you have so much doubts (and keep thinking that other's offer is better cos your friends commented so much), I also don't want to do your business.
Yah. I'm like that. I buay gei yan do, I won't do. I won't pretend to smile at you if I dislike you. That's why B said I cannot do sales. Haha, I draw a clear line one. 
To me, trust is a very important factor. If you keep doubting me, then what's the point? You find others lo. 
I should start a new company; "Bombastic Cars" with tagline "COE, we know it!" Haha 
To this friend (and hub) who trusted and supported us, thank you. 
Even though I can't do sales, I can be a good referral ok. 
I put my words across to all my friends & relatives liao... "Support only if you truly trust me. Otherwise, I don't want to do your business."

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Daiso Hacks!

Within one week, I went to Daiso 3 times. 1st time - $88, 2nd time - $156 & 3rd time - $36 or $38, can't remember. B was kinda frustrated cos 1) I made him wait and carry for me (only once lor) and 2) he felt that I bought a lot of redundant stuffs; things I won't use, I only buy for the sake of buying. 

THAT'S NOT TRUE!! I used what I bought hor! 

He didn't believe until he saw all these. I told him, "see I love you so much... I handmade a shoe rack for you!" Wahahahaha

Cooked for them today. How? Passable? I cut my finger lor, tmd. B laughed. He said, "why am I not surprised?" Ѕнιт lah. I hate cooking. He said he will cook for me in future, lolol. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spot the eyebrows!

Well, my beloved precious 4YO has set a new trend for herself last few days - HIGHLIGHTED BROWS.

It's omg so funny cos I only saw it when I got onto the car. Which means, I totally have no idea when and where she drew it. This is on the 2nd day, her drawing skills improved.

First day looked lidat! Hahahahahahaha 

She always do (and speak) such nonsense so naturally, cos she felt is not nonsense at all. 

She has so many ideas which often made people... Speechless. 

Like that day...

Yah, these are all the things she will say, so naturally and you know it's not a deliberate act. It's just her, being herself. 

Happy-go-lucky and fucking cannot be bothered with anyone or anything, I must say I learnt a lot from this daughter of mine.  

Well, I didn't used to be so bo chup. And boy was I a sensitive cancerian, I get affected by (any forms of) relationships easily. Friendship, kinship, whatever ship. 

She taught me how to be strong (and fierce). She taught me how not to be bothered about what others say or feel about me. She taught me not to explain. She taught me it's okay to lose friends. She taught me a lot. 

Her playmate, a China girl, our neighbour has shifted out. So we said, "nobody play with you now." Her reply was, "it's okay, I still have other friends, like Raeann." Lolol

Frankly speaking, I felt I've lost all my friends, after working here. Mainly cos I really have no time to meet them, not becos I met new friends and have forgotten them. No. I didn't go out, at all. 

But due to this, I found out who are the real friends who are worth to keep. They knew I'm really busy. 

Partly due to my divorce, I've also lost friends whom are his friends. Sad? Yes and no. Yes, cos I thought they will be more neutral. But no, I don't feel sad losing them. This is life. 

I've never ever complained or explained to them about anything. I don't see the need to. People can misunderstand all they want, I don't care. 

You're unable to please everyone. Even if you're nice to everybody, haters gonna hate, they can dislike you for many reasons you don't know.

Just be yourself, like how my 4YO girl is. People just love her for who she is. 


I guess, I've really maxed myself out, my body is giving way already. A little lump suddenly pop out on my neck and they said is like blood clot or something. It's painful when touched. I hope it will go away soon. :(

Hahaha! Yah man. I haven't do so many things!!! 东西做不完, 买不完咯! But there's one thing I've finally completed...


So proud of myself. My painting skill not bad now hor! 

Most of our Saturday noons are spent there, with home cooked lunch now. The kids requested to go. I can pack and arrange all the things, while they play lor. 

To be honest, the house location is not bad lah. Walking distance to the new mrt line, downstairs got two playgrounds (and bbq pits), coffee shop, clinic, bakery and provision shop. Opposite got NTUC and more shops. 

Alright, other than the NTUC, I've no idea about all the others until I got the house. I don't bother and didn't check it out. Everything was done blindly. And I'm those who don't bother about things or people as long as they don't affect my current life. Cos I don't stay there, so I don't see the need to go and find out anything.  

B is different. He likes to learn and find out about everything, even when it's none of his business. Like that day we saw a car with weird carplate on the road. He asked me to snap a photo cos he wants to find out why. 

I was like... "Weird weird lah. None of your business what." 

Then he said, "it's good to have more knowledge". 

Good. It's good that he has more knowledge, so I can ask him anything. 

I felt that it's stressful to "know too much", cos everyone will start asking and relying on you. 

Nobody will ask me, cos I'll tell them "I don't know", which is true. Hahaha! Everything I also don't know (unless I know lah, then I'll say), cos most of the time I won't bother to remember. 

But it says I'm very smart leh. Haha! Kinda true on the 2nd sentence though.

B said I'm like a FBI, cos I can find out anything I wanted to. I think it's cos I used to be a blogger. I never and can't furbish my readers with wrong info, that's why I research and find out everything before I typed on this space. Likewise for anyone I wanted to scold, I make sure I've gotten enough info before I say anything. Lol! 

So don't lie to me when I already have doubts in you. Most likely, I've already digged out enough info to question you.