Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I guess, I've really maxed myself out, my body is giving way already. A little lump suddenly pop out on my neck and they said is like blood clot or something. It's painful when touched. I hope it will go away soon. :(

Hahaha! Yah man. I haven't do so many things!!! 东西做不完, 买不完咯! But there's one thing I've finally completed...


So proud of myself. My painting skill not bad now hor! 

Most of our Saturday noons are spent there, with home cooked lunch now. The kids requested to go. I can pack and arrange all the things, while they play lor. 

To be honest, the house location is not bad lah. Walking distance to the new mrt line, downstairs got two playgrounds (and bbq pits), coffee shop, clinic, bakery and provision shop. Opposite got NTUC and more shops. 

Alright, other than the NTUC, I've no idea about all the others until I got the house. I don't bother and didn't check it out. Everything was done blindly. And I'm those who don't bother about things or people as long as they don't affect my current life. Cos I don't stay there, so I don't see the need to go and find out anything.  

B is different. He likes to learn and find out about everything, even when it's none of his business. Like that day we saw a car with weird carplate on the road. He asked me to snap a photo cos he wants to find out why. 

I was like... "Weird weird lah. None of your business what." 

Then he said, "it's good to have more knowledge". 

Good. It's good that he has more knowledge, so I can ask him anything. 

I felt that it's stressful to "know too much", cos everyone will start asking and relying on you. 

Nobody will ask me, cos I'll tell them "I don't know", which is true. Hahaha! Everything I also don't know (unless I know lah, then I'll say), cos most of the time I won't bother to remember. 

But it says I'm very smart leh. Haha! Kinda true on the 2nd sentence though.

B said I'm like a FBI, cos I can find out anything I wanted to. I think it's cos I used to be a blogger. I never and can't furbish my readers with wrong info, that's why I research and find out everything before I typed on this space. Likewise for anyone I wanted to scold, I make sure I've gotten enough info before I say anything. Lol! 

So don't lie to me when I already have doubts in you. Most likely, I've already digged out enough info to question you. 

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