Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Have been catching up the news on the little girl who has been killed... I really feel like crying. 

It happened yesterday, the time when I was alone loitering around Taipei street. I was told Taipei is very safe, which I do agree, and people here are very friendly. Sometimes, friendly till you feel scared. 

So I heard about this news right after it happened, and caught it on TV news in the noon. 

How on earth can someone bear to kill such an innocent little stranger? I don't wish to comment much about the murderer, but I feel for the mom. I hope she can stay strong for her 3 other kids. 

Why I choose Taipei? 

Becos that's the only place I'm able to communicate with the people here. Imagine if I'm alone at some other place, not familiar and unable to communicate, then how? 

Everywhere is not safe now. 

Even SG, it's not as safe as what many thought. With natural disasters, terrorists and stress people suffering from mental problem, nowhere is safe. 

Sometimes, it's life, obstacles you cannot escape. That's why I was so worried when I forgot to bring my amulet!!! Omg! Please 保佑 me 平平安安! I don't dare to stay out too late too. The sky here turns dark from 6pm. 

A few friends msged me, saying how brave I am etc. To be honest, I am not that brave one. Day time still okay, but night time I'll feel scare walking that dark pavement alone. 

I just felt damn stressed in SG, that's why I need a getaway from everything at this moment. 

Stress from work. Stress from kids. Stress from many things. It's damn stressful being a single mom cos every single thing falls on you alone. I'm thankful for my family cos without them, I'll be even more stressed. 

An once in a lifetime adventure! 

Travelling alone might be bored (and crazy like how I used to think), but you can choose to go anywhere and do anything you like. Like you know, don't have to wait for others. Hungry then eat, tired then rest, happy then shop. Sleep and wake up at anytime I like. The only thing is, I cannot order more food, cos I won't be able to finish. 

But it's really an once in a lifetime experience! I don't think I'll able to do it again, my mum will kill me. Lol

Can't get used to food here though! 

So I woke up with a bad sore throat today and I restricted myself from all the bbq and fried food. I don't want to fall sick here. 

However, I don't know how to appreciate their local comfort food. 

西门町 & 士林夜市

士林夜市 has so many things to see and buy!!! I carried until bth liao so I called it a day. I'll go back again! Only worried - luggage will explode. 

No, I didn't buy a lot, but I brought a small luggage, with plenty of winter wear. 

Okay, time for bed. Continue my adventure tomorrow! Hope my throat gets better cos I really want to eat their HUGE sausage and 炸鸡排!!! 


  1. I didnt get sore throat in TW cuz I kept buying fruit juice and drinks from 7-11! You can try that too if you like :)

    1. I think I'm cursed in Taiwan. Second time I went I don't have sore throat, but I got very bad toothache. Lolol


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