Thursday, March 31, 2016


Brrrr... It's so cold even though I'm in like many layers of clothes in the hotel. Yes. I fall sick. My plan to go 士林夜市 has to be postponed. Thankfully, I managed to drag myself out for a walk to Taipei 101 and etc earlier. 

It's such a spoilsport to fall sick during holiday. Can't enjoy, can't eat, no strength to walk. All becos I tell myself I MUST try their 超大鸡扒 and bbq corn yesterday. And I woke up voiceless this morning. Nice. 

Despite having fever, it didn't stop me from exploring and finding the famous cheese tart! 

However, everything seems tasteless to me now.

Most comfort food at this very moment - 贡丸汤, from the food shop below my hotel. It's good! 

I also bought medication and planned to sleep early tonight, so I can wake up earlier to enjoy tomorrow. Pls, let me get well by tomorrow. I'm a good girl today. 

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