Saturday, March 5, 2016

Daiso Hacks!

Within one week, I went to Daiso 3 times. 1st time - $88, 2nd time - $156 & 3rd time - $36 or $38, can't remember. B was kinda frustrated cos 1) I made him wait and carry for me (only once lor) and 2) he felt that I bought a lot of redundant stuffs; things I won't use, I only buy for the sake of buying. 

THAT'S NOT TRUE!! I used what I bought hor! 

He didn't believe until he saw all these. I told him, "see I love you so much... I handmade a shoe rack for you!" Wahahahaha

Cooked for them today. How? Passable? I cut my finger lor, tmd. B laughed. He said, "why am I not surprised?" Ѕнιт lah. I hate cooking. He said he will cook for me in future, lolol. 

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