Thursday, March 10, 2016

So true! :(

So now, no more family business! I will reject all. I don't like the feeling of being stuck cos I'm not familiar and I can't make any decision. In order to explain one simple question, I've to ask, research or read up about it. It's tiring.

And the most hateful thing is, getting scolded for nothing after all that you have done for them. 

Well, I'm not a dumb person, neither am I over sensitive. If you have the balls to do it, pls have the balls to admit it. 
I do not like conflict. Neither will I create a drama FIRST. People who know me well should know how "in my own world" I am now. I don't care and don't bother. 

But you don't step on my tail, becos I'm NOT a pushover, keep quiet and let people bully type of person. When it comes to that extend, I don't give a fuck to who you are at all. I won't give in means I won't give in. 
Reason for not giving in - I've already found enough evidences and able thrash things out with you logically. My patience is probably up till my limit already. 

I certainly know how stubborn I am. But well, I didn't provoke you first. If you have any doubts or are unhappy with me, tell me straight in my face, I will not be angry. On the contrary, I'll appreciate it.
Don't go around spouting nonsense and let me know about it already, then come and clarify with me, it's too late. 
Yes, I might not know a lot of things becos I'm just not interested to know, but I'm good at putting puzzles together and digging information! 

Oh well.

Harlow Bubbleeeee! Miss miss you. 

Anyway, I'm so boredddddd! "On leave" now, cos hahahahaha, it's a trend!!! The luxury to enjoy a jobless life, to be frank, I don't like it. I'VE NOTHING TO DO & had a hard time finding something to do. Omg

I went IKEA alone today and shopped for 3 hours. Then I went new house to do some D.I.Y. while waiting for my dining table set...

Same like my sofa, I searched and thought about it for a longgggggg time. Cos this is erm, expensive, $749 w/ delivery & assembly. (But it's considered cheap for a set!) 

I love it so much!!!

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