Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sore throat liao!

2nd day only, I'm starting to have sore throat! Nope, not becos of all the food here, but I think is cos food stalls here don't sell water one. And I ended up drinking very very little water. 

Weather is great here! But when the wind blows.... Brrrr.... It freezes! 

Yes oh, I'm in Taipei now! How do they survive eating all the fried food without drinking water?! 

Met up with cousin and his family! Yup, my cousin has a family and business in Taipei. 

He brought me to 饶河夜市 for dinner earlier! 

Thanks for bringing me there! Even though I keep saying it's okay, don't have to bother about me one, I can explore around myself. During the day, I explored places myself, nearby though cos I scare I get lost! Haha 


We parted inside the MRT, cos he's going home mah. It's quite scary walking this lane back to the hotel at night. 


  1. They don sell drinks for 7-11/ bubble tea store is everywhere. You can bring your own water in

  2. I was there 2 months ago. You can get water from any conviner stall and 7-11 or even watson I did buy mineral water over there. You buy some sweets to easy your sore throat as well there are many kind of sweets there to buy..

    Ximending watson 24/7 4 stores can go explore . If you buy Contact lens also have. Not only cosmetic products.

    The leg patch you got from Hong Kong there also got sell hahaha.

    Diaso. The one I know is located at the taipei main station have to walk a distance to find the shops.

    Enjoy yourself.


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