Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spot the eyebrows!

Well, my beloved precious 4YO has set a new trend for herself last few days - HIGHLIGHTED BROWS.

It's omg so funny cos I only saw it when I got onto the car. Which means, I totally have no idea when and where she drew it. This is on the 2nd day, her drawing skills improved.

First day looked lidat! Hahahahahahaha 

She always do (and speak) such nonsense so naturally, cos she felt is not nonsense at all. 

She has so many ideas which often made people... Speechless. 

Like that day...

Yah, these are all the things she will say, so naturally and you know it's not a deliberate act. It's just her, being herself. 

Happy-go-lucky and fucking cannot be bothered with anyone or anything, I must say I learnt a lot from this daughter of mine.  

Well, I didn't used to be so bo chup. And boy was I a sensitive cancerian, I get affected by (any forms of) relationships easily. Friendship, kinship, whatever ship. 

She taught me how to be strong (and fierce). She taught me how not to be bothered about what others say or feel about me. She taught me not to explain. She taught me it's okay to lose friends. She taught me a lot. 

Her playmate, a China girl, our neighbour has shifted out. So we said, "nobody play with you now." Her reply was, "it's okay, I still have other friends, like Raeann." Lolol

Frankly speaking, I felt I've lost all my friends, after working here. Mainly cos I really have no time to meet them, not becos I met new friends and have forgotten them. No. I didn't go out, at all. 

But due to this, I found out who are the real friends who are worth to keep. They knew I'm really busy. 

Partly due to my divorce, I've also lost friends whom are his friends. Sad? Yes and no. Yes, cos I thought they will be more neutral. But no, I don't feel sad losing them. This is life. 

I've never ever complained or explained to them about anything. I don't see the need to. People can misunderstand all they want, I don't care. 

You're unable to please everyone. Even if you're nice to everybody, haters gonna hate, they can dislike you for many reasons you don't know.

Just be yourself, like how my 4YO girl is. People just love her for who she is. 

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