Monday, March 14, 2016

Staycation @ new house!

Ah, the kids have been pestering to sleep over at their new house for a day or two. Everything arrived in time, my blind and bedsheet. So I fulfilled their wish since it's the March school holiday.

Went over after Raeann's tuition. As it was quite late already, I cooked a simple meal for them. 

After their wonderful time in the bath tub, it's time for homework.

Nah, my room is not completed yet. But well, as long as there's a bed for me to sleep... And they're happy, ok de lah. 

Then we fixed this up! So I can hang my clothes.

They slept in my room for the first night, woke up at 6+am, omg. 

Cooked breakfast for them and then went back to nap for 1 hour. I was so tired.


It's lunch preparation. Guess what's cooking? You know kids, they love to play with all these.

Oh yay! MHK, recipe from Cheryl! Didn't have time to meet her recently. So busy. 

Actually, MHK is really easy to cook. As long as the soup base is nice, it will be yummy. For the soup, I used ikan bilis, yellow bean and pork bone. (The soup can be used for anything.)

B ate 4 big bowls. He loves MHK as much as me! But he said Cheryl's one tasted better. That's of cos. It's my first attempt!!!

Yup, Alexis came for a sleepover. The kids were so excited and happy. To me, meals are very important. Want to play, can, finish up all your food first. 

They don't know how to eat MHK so I cooked macaroni for them instead. They super love it! Even requested it for lunch again today. 

Meimei always say, "mummy is the best cook in the world". Hahahahaha 

My display drawers arrived!! Kinda surprised the delivery falls on a Sunday. I love it so much. It's so worth for the price paid. $100+ each only. 

Customised it with the felt mat I bought from IKEA!

Brought the kids to kidz amaze before Alexis goes to her 奶奶's house. It's really amazing how the two crazy get along so well. Becos of them, me and PY managed to stay in contact often.

I'm too busy till the extend I've no time for my friends. Then hor, I dislike to make plans or ask people out (cos not everyone is okay with my timing). I'll last minute decide I want to go somewhere, then poof, I go myself. Buy buy buy, then go home. 

Life of a busy woman. 


  1. hi joanne, can share the recipe for the MHK. love MHK too! :)

    1. Sure.

      Soup: Yellow bean, pork/chicken bone & ikan bilis (If you don't mind to spend, get ikan bilis without head if not the soup will be bitter.)

      Pork: Light soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, egg

      Dough: Plain flour, egg and water

      My friend asked me to estimate all the portion myself so I really is add to taste one. The dough she said no need to add salt but my girl said is tasteless so I added a little salt.

      Then I also add in all the abalone and baobei soup base.

    2. thanks! Enjoy your trip! just realized ur new place is within my vicinity. :)

  2. Hi Joanne,

    May I know where u bought the display drawers? Am looking for something like that too but can't find.

  3. Ok. Tks! Will chk it out in Qoo10. :)


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