Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"COE, We know it!"

Have never been so concerned about COE bidding before. Helped my good friend to monitor it today. Her FIL bought a Harrier from us on Monday. 

You know ah, I realised there's a lot of bombastic people out there. Before you buy, they offered you nothing good. After you buy, they will have 629267 comments and advices. The most ridiculous ones are... 

1) COE SURE FALL/RISE ONE. Like as if they know.

2) IMPOSSIBLE THEY SELL CAR ONE DON'T KNOW THAT COE WILL FALL. Yah, does my father looks like Minister of Transport? 

Anyway, prices are very competitive. If you think you found a better deal, just go ahead. I'm sick and tired of explaining again and again. I mean, I'm willing to explain to you if you don't understand. But you don't ask again and again and again and keep asking for more and more and more. If you have so much doubts (and keep thinking that other's offer is better cos your friends commented so much), I also don't want to do your business.
Yah. I'm like that. I buay gei yan do, I won't do. I won't pretend to smile at you if I dislike you. That's why B said I cannot do sales. Haha, I draw a clear line one. 
To me, trust is a very important factor. If you keep doubting me, then what's the point? You find others lo. 
I should start a new company; "Bombastic Cars" with tagline "COE, we know it!" Haha 
To this friend (and hub) who trusted and supported us, thank you. 
Even though I can't do sales, I can be a good referral ok. 
I put my words across to all my friends & relatives liao... "Support only if you truly trust me. Otherwise, I don't want to do your business."

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