Monday, April 4, 2016

7 days; 11kgs of loots!

Wow, I'm surprised! I went with 13.7kg. The usual me will come back with at least 40kgs for 7 days. Lolol

Firstly, I'm barely 50kgs (should be 48kgs now), so there's no way for me to carry so many things! 

2ndly, I've already bought an additional bag there, which means I already have 3 bags and 2 hands only. 

3rdly, I've no more money, lolol. I saved my last bit for treating my cousin & family dinner and pay for the transport to airport. 

So that's why. But I'm happy! So much things sorted out during this trip. Spent a laid back life, walk, eat, sleep for the entire week. Sometimes, you just need to get away from everything for awhile. 

This msg sums it all. Traveling alone is not as bad as what I've thought last time. In fact, it's better than travelling with a big group of people. Cos, I REALLY HATE TO WAIT, AND I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE TO WAIT FOR ME TOO. 

这就是我! Love or hate me, up to you. Becos I can be alone. Moreover, I've two really lovely kids. One week didn't see my room, there are a lot of additional stickers everywhere. I wonder who did it!!! 

Cousin's wife, Janet. Am I supposed to call her 大嫂, even though she's younger than me? Haha no idea why my hair so messy. I washed at salon everyday ok!

Baby Gerrard. Can guess that my cousin is crazy over soccer one right? Lol. It's a great catching up (though we only met twice throughout the whole trip) becos we are not very close type. Those we get to meet only during CNY or occasions lah. But we are not... erm... buay gum. Just that we're busy with our own things and family.

The very famous 奶茶 at 公馆, cos the pearl is freshly handmade. Indeed. The pearl is so soft. Omg. Can never drink it in SG at all.

One of the competition winning 卤肉饭 at about S$1 at 辽宁夜市, which is 2 mins walk from my hotel. Good location I must say!

This shop. But I've no idea what's the shop name sia. It's goooooood! 

The steamboat which is better than HDL.

Quail eggs! <3

Damn huge sausage! (I didn't eat but just took a photo cos I'm impressed by the hugeness!)

I seem to eat ALOT!!!

Now, photos of the hotel I stayed. It's cheap and good! 10 mins walk to 南京复兴 MRT station. 15 mins walk to 忠孝复兴 MRT station. In between. But if u ask me ah, I'd prefer to stay at more 热闹 area. At least, not so quiet when going back.

However, if you want to compare hotel structure, cleanliness, quality and service within the same price range, this is one of the better. 

I changed two rooms btw cos I made two different bookings! 

ARK hotel. Suitable for kids cos it's animal themed. About S$80/night on average. 

Well, Taipei is getting more expensive as compared to the last time I went. More and more tourists, that's why. Everywhere is the same now. Influx of "foreign talents", that's what a driver told me. And locals find it very hard to survive.

Sidetrack: This is too cute not to share! 

Anyway, I MIGHT be going there again end of the month. Not confirmed yet but most likely. This time round to settle some issue. If only the flight is shorter...

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