Thursday, April 7, 2016

Looking back...

We have come a long way!

This picture shows it all.

Browsed through the house album on FB just now. You know my real purpose of posting/blogging? Not becos I like to show off, or I'm too free, but becos I can look/read back.

This house is the 'start' of all our arguments. Long story short, becos everything was unprepared. It took damn long to complete becos I've to wait for my salary before I can buy anything. Till date, I've already threw in about $30K or more. This house made me poor, damn poor, until I don't even dare to count how much I've spent.

Just so you know, all my miniature furniture are cheapo. Like my TV console hor, $99 only, lolol. But seriously, who cares right? I like it can liao.

Another favourite cheapo is this shoe cabinet from Ikea, also at $99/each.

3rd cheapo will be this sink (C/w all the things inside the photo + tap but I sold the tap at $25? Can't remember. Becos I already bought my own tap!) from Carousell at $40. After selling the tap, it costs like $15 only. Hahahaha

I get very high when I think of how cheap all the things I bought, like wow, I SAVED SO MUCH. But of cos, there's a price to pay. I sacrificed my sleep for months just to source for all of them. I think I'm even more budget than BQQ now. lol

If you're just like me, no budget to engage an ID, no worries, come to me, I'll share with you all my tips I researched over the last many months. If not, go to my FB album, I shared all the details there when people asked.

Anyway hor, I think I'm going Taiwan again next week for 4 days 3 nights. I'm trying to reduce it to 3 days 2 nights instead. Not for holiday, and I just spent 7 days there! OMG. It's a sponsored trip though.

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