Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beauty haul from Taiwan!

I haven't recover from my irritating cough from Taiwan! Didn't sleep for 2 nights due to this nonsense cough already. And it's only AT NIGHT!!! Noon time I didn't cough that much. But night time, the cough is continuous and breathe-less, despite taking medicine. I can't sleep cos I had difficulty in breathing. 

What I'm worried most is, I'll spread it to the kids. They insisted sleeping with me, kissing me etc, even though I keep saying no. 

Hope I can recover soon. 

Well, I miscalculated. I divided wrongly and thought everything is at only half the price I bought, thus so much. When I realised, it's too late liao. And I stopped totally.

Anyone heard of the brand 1028 before? I love all their products! Cheap and good! Their eyeshadow stays from morning to night. If I'm not wrong, it's about S$12.75 for this. Xiao S is the ambassador of this brand. 

Okay, I bought this from Qoo10 but I've no idea how to use this. Anyone can teach me? 

So much love for these two!!!

Hey yes, I'm back to blogging. I'll start to accept advertorials & sponsorships now. Hope I'm not too old for it! Haha 

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