Sunday, May 29, 2016

She's a joke!

Amid all the sadness I'm going through, a Linda Lim suddenly pops out of nowhere, and she's a joke! She managed to make me laugh, when I can't even smile.

It all started last week, I received this friend request...

I didn't accept of cos. But... My whatsapp suddenly keep ringing, with the same screenshot, becos she sent friend request to ALL my friends.

So I msged the person inside the photo...

And yes. I ignored, becos I totally have no mood to bother about her.


She created a new account! I continued ignoring her. 


Wah. She really pissed me off this time round. I tagged and scolded her on FB right in her face. 

So... She came up with something new again. 

I can't stop laughing when I saw this. Screenshot from my friend. 

That's not all...

I received this friend request the next day. This woman is really very free. I think she literally sits in front of her computer whole day, to create new accounts and add people on FB.

And you know what's the most funny part? My mum's friend called her and asked if Mr Ho changed his name? Issit cos he married a Malay, that's why has Malay name now? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

I really laugh until I can't sleep. 

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