Saturday, June 18, 2016


ZERO makeup, bare face, in pyjamas, wah, why still so chio? HAHAHA

You know why? 

Cos I found a miracle candy in Taiwan. Eat liao no makeup also can be pretty one. Lol

Just kidding. I only ate one piece so far, in Taipei. Still have two unopened pack. 

But my skin condition did improve recently, cos I do mask EVERYDAY. Women, we must love ourselves!!! 岁月不饶人! :) 

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Raeann asked me a very sensitive question... 

"Why aren't you in contact with Susantii's family?" 

I was like... Oh please, did they even treat me like a human? Even the kid there is saying all the bad things about me to my daughter. 

I didn't react cos I give zero fuck? Lol. No matter what they say, my daughter stand and stick by my side cos she knows it best. And I'm already kind enough to still allow my daughter to go there. Just imagine, a kid keep hearing all the bad things about her own mum, how will she feels? Please lah. Why get the poor kid involved? Luckily my family not like that. 

The only person I respect there is my ex FIL, becos he was really nice to me, even though most of the time I don't know what's he talking about. 

You respect me, I'll respect you, it's this simple. 

My attitude is bad, I admit. But this is me. Take it or leave it. I see no point being nice to people who treat me like shit. I rather save my energy to be nice to people who are nice to me. And you know, I can be REALLY nice. 

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