Thursday, June 23, 2016



From 38,000 miles apart now. 


Birthday escapade. Oh my, I'm so anti social now. I choose to be alone, on this very day. 

Alone is good. Others have no chance to hurt you at all. And you can't possibly hurt yourself. 

This is funny. My friend is envious of me. But I envy them too. 

I've slimmed down so much lately that my tummy becomes FLAT. It's a good thing, I can eat more here! ^^

Orange is the new black! :) 

Happy birthday to me. A brand new chapter, a brand new life, a brand new me.


  1. Happy birthday to u, joanne :)) My birthday fall in the mth of june too but alr over liao.. hahas. Enjoy & eat more good food over there ya !
    Best wishes to u, jiayou ! ^.^

    1. Happy belated birthday to you Rachel. Thank you for your well wishes. :)

    2. Thank you for the belated birthday wish :)


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