Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hugz N Home

Sponsored Review

A reader turned FB friend has recently started her own small business; Hugz N Home. She was very kind to send me two of the best selling samples. (This post is long overdue, sorry for the wait.)

I seldom drink coffee, so my maid "tan dio". Anyway, I'm sending her away soon. I've asked the agency to look for a transfer for her as I don't want to be so bad to send her home. I don't need her anymore and I'm trying to erase away all the past. Probably will get another one when I decided to settle down again. This time round, yes, I want to get married and set up another family. Becos that's the best way to make both parties feel secured. Wait for my good news, maybe there will be a 3rd kid? Heehee

This is soooooooooo tasty! Taste better than the one made by my favorite kopitiam. You have to try to believe it. I'm not kidding. 

Tips: Taste best when you add 150ml (abt 40% to 50% of a mug) of water for coffee and 160ml (abt 50% to 60% of a mug) of water for tea.

Look for them on FB (above link) to purchase! :)

Always support our local SME.

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