Thursday, June 16, 2016

I think I...

Got jet lag, Hahahahahaha! So tired!

Still thinking if I should post about the trip cos I've been giving some "live" updates on my IG and FB page (which I've to thank you for the "likes", it's hitting 1k soon. I'll do a major giveaway when it hits 2k). 

有没有美? Lol

I'm now waiting to see a doctor. My index finger is swelling like a fucking sausage now. It's mad painful otherwise I will not ever wish to visit a doctor. 

Most delightful and painful (cutting is small, should have bought one size bigger) buy from this trip. Lol very cheap only. (If you watched DOTS...)

I love this photo, lolol. The photographer (yours truly) is so pro. Hahaha

Fatty received praises everywhere she went. "So pretty!" "So cute!" But she never give a damn. 

Our 天灯. Had a hard time writing all those words, I've to use dictionary on my phone, lolol. Wish everyone here "十分幸福". 

Wrote by the kids, haha! 

Photos are not in order, I randomly chose. 

My sausage finger, lolol. 2 days MC hor. Very serious. Haha

I re-watched this show (for the 2748 times) on the flight back and weeped crazily. Hahaha

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