Tuesday, June 21, 2016

In holiday mood!

Today, I've finally plucked up the courage to extract ALL the photos/videos out from my phone. I teared looking at all of them. There are more than 30 albums and more than 600 photos. I stared at them, with tears in my eyes but keep holding back and reminding myself NOT TO CRY. I knew this will happen. But I have to do it, sooner or later.

It's over.

Cheryl once told me before... "Time will not let you forget someone. But time will let you meet another one to help you forget that someone."

Somehow, I think it's true. I hope I can meet that "another one" soon. And hope that "another one" knows what's love, honesty and loyalty all about. I will not share my man with another woman. If that's so, I'd rather give him to her, no matter how painful.

Love is selfish, and should be selfish. You cannot love and be nice to two persons (or more) at the same time. You cannot fucking prepare two sets of breakfast and give it to two women on the same day. #punintended (You know, I'm really glad I love taking photos and keeping every bits of memories.)

What's worst is that the other woman is a 大婶. She's 10 years older than me. She publicly announced their loving moments on company's FB somemore. Shameless much? (Proving to everyone what a fucker is he?)

This relationship only taught me one lesson - ALL MEN FUCKING CANNOT BE TRUSTED. 

Well, you can't expect loyalty from someone who can't even give you honesty. 

All the things I found out, destroyed all the good I see in him.

But whatever. It's none of my business anymore. I wish them a happily ever after.


From my daddy, lol. I should go overseas more often. Haha 

Don't worry. I'll enjoy myself, live very well and wait for the right man who deserved me! :) 


Thank you for reading my humble blog, will reply to you shortly.