Tuesday, June 7, 2016

On a hiatus...

I started this blog as a personal diary. I'll "talk" to it often, telling it all my naked truth with my bare heart. God knows why people love to read my crap and it gets more and more popular. So now my mama asked me not to blog about myself anymore. My daughters "questioned" me about the bra photo, lolol.

"Why the photo shows your bra?"

Speechless... (There's a story behind it but I'm lazy to explain. Sorry, I don't wear such thing around, I don't dare. I don't even dare to wear crop top.)

Meimei: Mummy, issit when your neh neh pok grow bigger, you can put food on it?

Me: HUH!!! Why must put food on it?

Meimei: I saw it on YouTube.

Goodness. Sorry Mei. Your mummy's nnp is not gonna grow anymore bigger and it's disgusting to put food on it. Only crazy people do that.

P/S: Meimei asked where is she when I took those photos, issit inside my tummy? LOL Nono, photos were taken after she was born. Haha

But sigh, what else can I blog like that? Nothing liao mah.

Up till now, I still don't dare to sync my phone photos to my harddisk. I don't even dare to look at it. I wanted to remove everything from my phone, but don't have the courage to even open the album. It's gonna take a long time to heal. 

And well, I'm leaving SG again soon. Guess I'll break record this year for taking flight. Becos this coming trip is not the last. I've so many worried friends jio-ing me everywhere over the world. Some even want to sponsor me to go. I'm taking one year break to travel. 

Goodbye and take care all my readers.

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