Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sweet ki lan!

10 out of 10 people I met (customers, mum's friends etc) said I slimmed down ALOT and become much prettier. Well, it wasn't part of my life plan to slim down. Hahah

And probably becos of that, I attracted ALOT of unwanted attentions. Walao eh 

My hair stands when I see the msg. #truth Please don't ever flirt with me, 因为我不吃这套. I never ever flirt with males before. (I'll just ignore your msgs!) 

And please ah, I might be heart broken, but I'm not desperate leh. I won't anyhow find another one to substitute. So yes, leave me alone please. Thank you. Don't sweetie me and make my hair stands please. 

I don't need to flirt to do business. Becos of my fun-loving, honest, nonchalant & generous character and maybe looks??? I've plenty of supportive friends. (They msg me after seeing my post on FB.)

Thank you for trusting and supporting me, all my dear friends.
Thank you for lovin' the imperfect me. 

P/S: I'm no longer with ALL my previous companies. This car business has nothing to do with them. I'm helping a friend to spread the awareness. He helped me to get my next car at a good price. (Will blog about it when the car comes! Hee) You may contact me @ 90087688 if you want to buy/change car/van/lorry/crane. (LOL) New or used all available! :) Will give you a good price when you quote "blog reader". Haha

To me, "awareness" is the most important. Please lah, there are soooooooo many car dealership companies in SG now. People can buy from anyone. But I want to make it like, when people need this service, they think of me immediately. And I'm doing good, becos everyone thought I'm in car sales now. LOL

God knows why he used wechat sia! Yes. I didn't see many of my friends for the longest time. Becos I closed all my doors for him. In return for lies and betrayals. Haha #FML

It's okay. Becos my life can only get better and will definitely be better. I mean, all along, I don't need a man ah. This is something everyone knows about me. 

There is only one me. So no matter how hard someone try copying my style, hair, makeup etc, she can never be me. 

And I realised... Putting on makeup is really a skill. Cos I seen the most horrible makeup yesterday. My goodness. 

She's probably trying to copy my simple makeup (as what my friend said), but it's fucking horrible. 

Sorry ah. I have skill, you no have ah. Do you know I did the makeup for myself for all my photo shoots? Yah. Quit trying. 

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