Monday, June 20, 2016


It's true. Time heals everything. 

Initially, I wanted to title this post "How to survive a breakup with someone you love deeply?" 

But here I am trying very very hard to nurse my own broken heart, I don't think I've the right to advise anyone. 

So I can only let time heals and fades away everything. No idea how long more will it takes? Maybe one week? Maybe one month? Maybe one year? I don't know. But I'm doing good! :) 

I only feel like travelling (non stop) now. To see the world, before it's too late. And so, I'm gonna book an air ticket tomorrow, to somewhere alone, for a short trip, to spend my birthday in a quiet mode. 

The kids allowed me to go alone cos they don't want to take plane anymore, lolol. Thanks wor. 

It's not that I don't want to spend it with my family, but I just don't feel like staying in SG. Becos I'm so homely, that I'll prefer to rot at home everyday when I'm in SG. 

Sorry to make my family and friends worried about me. I'm honestly recovering well. 我已经放下了. No regret, anger nor hard feelings now. 

Just that I need abit more time to think about what am I gonna do next. I mean by, how can I earn moreeeee money. 

Hahaha! My friend said I'm back to myself, the very 潇洒 Joanne. Say do, means do. Say go, means go. Say no, means no. A woman of my word, very decisive. That's how I gained trust from everyone, isn't it? 

Good night. 

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