Thursday, June 9, 2016

Zero fuck given.

An epic example of zero fuck given...


Old photo but still so funny. This Nigeria goalkeeper is my idol can. Becos of him, I sarpork Nigeria during the last WC. 

Can't wait for the next WC!!! Germany!!! Mario Götze!! Thomas Müller!!! Manuel Neuer!! So many handsome guys! (I was told there's another league going on now, and there's Germany too. Whole world know I sarpork Germany gao gao!) 

Forgot who the hell did and sent this to me liao! Germany won't win the next cup lah, but I'm still very loyal one. Good or bad, I love them the same. 

Hahahahaha all these past photos are making me laugh hysterically at 2:26am. Look at that Messi's face! Ok lah ok lah, let you win the next cup lah! 

Okay, I repeat, I hate morning flight! 

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