Sunday, July 31, 2016

August Promotion

From 1st - 31st August 2016, whoever bought a Benz or Vezel through my referral will receive the above, courtesy from yours truly. I love gifting! 

Ah уєѕ, finally case closed. Esther managed to get $3k discount from the boss aka "hot date" and she's happy with the car! She ownself bargain one, lol. 

It's a good buy actually. Given the price she bought at, depre is less than $15k for a BMW coupe! I emphasised on this car cos I like it very much too. A little man, a little lady, cool. 

Actually to me, people got buy or not (even after a few viewings), I also okay one. (Please ah, most important is to buy one you really like cos the car is gonna follows you, not me.) They can reject, but please don't hang me in mid air can liao. Don't feel paiseh to "waste my time" becos I take this as a hobby too. I just want to keep myself occupied. 

I've to keep myself very very busy in order to move on the correct way. Many people asked me to find another one, go out with guys who are interested in me etc, but I refused to. Got meaning meh? If it's so easy to substitute, it's not love. And if it's not love, I won't have problem moving on. 

Time for bed. Tomorrow will be a long day. Good night. 

Hot date's Aston Martin! (He don't floor all his cars sia!) Really can see all the weird weird cars there. I'll sell supercars next time, lol. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Sigh. I'm paying $522 monthly to my maid for her to come and watch Meimei watch iPad. She's always using Meimei as an excuse to laze around. 

I'm still waiting for the agent to get back to me on the transfer as she doesn't seem very keen to search for her and keep asking me to send her home. But I know they have to pay a hefty sum just to come here & work that's why I keep holding back. Very zek arh leh! 

But she's... the "best maid" ever. 

When we went overseas that time, she slept whole day in her room. Times up liao, wake up and search for food, wait for Mary to cook for her. Amazing hor? 

She's simply pissing everyone off now. Even me, with a very high tolerance level, also bth, must scold her. 

Last week, Meimei was very sick. You know what she did? She went to the fridge find chocolate and offered it to Meimei early in the morning. She's always trying to please MM by giving her everything, without asking me & without using her brain. And when you scold her, she still can smile at you happily. I want to die. 

Let me settle all my cars on hand first, and I'll settle her next. Being kind to others = being mean to thyself. I need to learn to be less kind. 

Sending her home might be good, to prevent the next person from high blood pressure. 

LOLOL ZY's friend. He's interested in the new harrier. Then just now, I helped another ZY friend's friend to sell his Peugeot 508. "Hot date" is taking it in. (Somehow this name got stuck! People msg me "can you ask your hot date blah blah blah". Hahaha) 

It wasn't an easy task cos many dealers don't even want to take in this brand, unless trade in. Oh yah, I can help you to sell your car too. But I've to let you know first, price for cars less than 2 years lifespan are quite jialat. If you're expecting SGcarmart price, please sell it yourself. 

I'll be seeing him tomorrow (he made me work on a Sunday, he said it's hard to close without me) to close a deal, Monday noon again for the Peugeot. Monday morning I have another appointment for Vezel too. 

But I've learnt not to pin any hope, as many people will last minute change appointment. It's okay if they inform early, but some hor, really jialat, like to hang people in mid air. I don't like such people.

One of my favourite song...

I'd rather you be mean than love and lie. I'd rather hear the truth and have to say goodbye. I'd rather take a blow at least then I would know. But baby don't you break my heart slow. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

My ℓσνє life is crap!

My friends have been telling me this. Frankly speaking, I knew it. No matter how hard I try, how I give in, it always turned out crap. It's fated. It's my life.

I've been to various fortune tellers before. All tell me the same thing. If I get married before 30, I'll definitely go through divorce. But my second marriage will be good. I've a lot of males in my life, mostly friends (becos I know how to draw a clear line), and they will help me out. 

On the contrary, a lot of females who don't know me well hate me, becos I always get unwanted attention everywhere. To clarify this, I DON'T NEED THOSE ATTENTIONS AND I HATE IT. I'm not an attention seeker. (I'm now pop across the car trade for a wrong reason. Kinda sway to have same name with someone! Sorry but I'm not 42. And I'll not go around spreading untrue stories! It's frustrating cos I've nothing to do with car trade in the past!)  

However, I'm truly blessed with friends who trust and love me for who I am. To a point, they defended me in my absence. No matter how facts get distorted, they will go "cannot be, I know her very well, she's not such a person." 

Becos I'm real and sincere to everyone. That's why I get real and sincere friends. 

The long expired birthday treat from Jane. I've been so busy, picking myself up.

Lol, my birthday is over long ago. He saw my FB and msged me. They are all very good friends for a longgggggg time. 

I knew how to draw a clear line in a sense if I know a person is trying to get close to me and I'm not interested, I'll keep a distance away and avoid him. I'll never lead people on. My actions and words are obvious enough for them to know. 

Therefore, my referrals are all proper ones, not those who want to "woo" me, as I'll not becos I want to close sales, make myself cheap. 

Sorry but I'm very 执着 towards love and relationship. I'll not stay in a relationship and love someone else. Even though the world is damn complicated now, but I still believe I'll find my happiness one fine day. 
月色摇晃树影 穿梭在热带雨林 你离去的原因 从来不说明
你的谎像陷阱 我最后才清醒 幸福只是水中的倒影
月色摇晃树影 穿梭在热带雨林 悲伤的雨不停 全身血淋淋
那深陷在沼泽 我不堪的爱情 是我无能为力的伤心

Saturday, July 23, 2016

No work = no $!

Thank you for the 2000+ "likes" on my FB page. I promised to do a giveaway when it hits 2k. Tell me what you all want ok? If not, let me go & think of what to give.

There's something I need to clarify... I refrained myself from posting my kids' photos here NOT becos I didn't spend my time with them. But becos I read a lot of news and articles on the risk of posting kids' photos on social media platforms. 

I'M AT HOME EVERYDAY. I send and pick Meimei everyday. I come home to watch my kids fight and cry everyday. (It's fucking annoying but I refrained myself from complaining here.) I'm with them 24 hours every weekends. 

So no idea why some smart ass who act like he/she knows me very well said until like I'm a failed mum? And he/she feels sad for my girls? 

Since you feel sad, come and take over my role. I don't boast what I do here doesn't mean I didn't do. Don't know why are there so many stupid people in this world? Stupid nvm, still wanna be smart ass. 

I have to work becos I need money. For their school fees, tuition, extra classes, school bus, pocket money, food, my car, my maid, myself & all the daily expenses. 

Again, since u feel sad for my girls, why not u work and give me money for all the expenses? So I can spend all my time with them, that will lessen your sadness. 

Hate people who talk without using brain.  

And hor, I don't think I ever mentioned that "I'm strong" for the previous few posts, cos I'm not? But one thing for sure, I'm smarter and more capable than you. That's becos I don't poke into others' affair. I got no time to do that. I spent all my time earning money. 

Talk about earning money, omg, I'm so excited about Monday. Just now, I received a "lobang" for a BMW 525i XL with a cheap depre from a direct owner. I blasted out to the dealers and they gave quite ridiculous price for it. But it's standard. 

Then, hahahahaha, I FOUND A DIRECT BUYER!!! Viewing car on Monday. I think I can be a dealer too. (Tolong Bo Pi all my referrals over this weekend will be successful.) 

Please don't feel sad for my girls, becos they have a smart and capable mum. You should feel sad for yourself cos you have no life until you have to interfere in my life.

You can never win me, on my blog. So don't be stupid to come and provoke me. And, I don't understand what's your "no offence" for when you obviously know you're offending me with all your bullshit? It's just like I gave you a slap and say no offence and expect you to smile at me. Dumb? No offence.

Sorry ah, the "trying very hard to get your ex bf's attention" is too fucking lame. Please explain which part of the post is even trying to get his attention? And why will he feel 反感 when he's the one asking me to move on?
Kindly refer to my last few posts again. Other than cars & work, what the fuck did I do or say that is contradicting? I'm talking about work all the time. 

If you're feeling "sour" over my "hot date", too bad I can't help you, cos he's indeed this capable. (Is it wrong to praise someone? Praising him doesn't mean I like him what! And sorry, I'm not impressed by his money or cars, I'm impressed by his thoughts, maturity and capability.) 

I'm a very rationale person. I know what I can do, what I can't do, what's right and what's wrong. I'm not desperate. If I am, I'll expect him to fetch me so I can take a photo inside his car and post publicly on FB, captioned "you make my day". 

We're just friends, and we only contact for work. I'm not his type, he's not my type. I thank him for teaching me a lot of things and his honesty. We will not proceed any further and will remain status quo. 


Humans are really weird. When I'm sad and down, people asked me to be strong and move on. Now I moved on, bucked up to work hard, people said I'm trying to get attention and asked me don't need to tell others "I'm strong"??? 
Simi lan? Get this clear. This is my blog. Don't teach me what to blog. If I've to listen to everyone, there's nothing I can blog anymore. Keep your bullshit comments to yourself. Do you know how crap you are? You come to my blog and tell me you feel sad for my girls, teach me how to be a mum, then tell me "no offence"? Fuck you. It's not that I can't take unfavourable comments, but I hate people accusing me.

If now, I'm out drinking and partying everyday, desperately meeting every man who wants to date me, don't bother about the kids at all, fine, I'll LL suck thumb take your comments for advice. 
But I don't. So you have NO RIGHT to say that. Get this very clear again. Now, I only want to work hard and build up something for myself, and earn more money for my kids and myself. Everything is only about work, not love, not man. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Knowledgable & eligible "hot date"!

The "date" turned out ... GOOD. Not as weird as what I expect. Lol

I bombarded him with ALOT of car questions until he said he's going to ignore me. LOL

Sorry ah. Cos I don't know so I must ask until I know. He made me read up about lemon law the moment I reached home. 

He has been in the car trade for many many years. And he specialised in conti and supercars only. He has a super cool car can, I first time see such a car lor. Mercedes SLS!

Ah this. Anyway, he "play" with supercars one. Due to his contacts and network, he's unable to sell any Asian cars. 

I learnt something new today. "Buying an import used supercar is like buying a chiong Hermes. No (parf) value, cannot join (supercars) Club, cannot go HQ for service and repairs and nobody want to buy, unless you sell it at super low price! People who know about supercars, will not buy."
This man is really unique sia. He taught me not to waste my time on things that doesn't gain me knowledge, doesn't make money and doesn't benefit me. He taught me about cars and car trade. He taught me how to manage a proper business. He taught me how to handle staffs properly (he has a good way of doing it). He taught me how to do more networking. He taught me a lot during the few short hours.
I thought about all his "lectures" while driving home. His words really make me THINK. I told him I'll learn. :)
There's something we think alike though, which is doing business through referrals. He said he don't want to employ people who station inside the shop to 摆美. LOL

I think my new "job" as a car agent can really work leh. Dealers will be happy to link up with people like me. Cos now, I really go all the way out to spread my network. Even today, I went to collect a long overdued payment for my full time job. The admin exchanged contact with me, saying her friend (or bf) is searching for a BMW (she can't remember what car). 
I'm always out, seldom in the office now. When I finally can sit down and take a break, I'll do a lot of follow up with all my "customers". Marketing articles taught me that customers love follow up and rewards. It's true. Cos when I do follow up with people (even when I know they won't buy), they thank me for following up. People will remember you for your sincerity. 

Can't deny that when you mix with people better than you, you will improve yourself to be better too. I'm really motivated by him.

I didn't know he booked Gold Class tickets, it's my first time & I'm fucking sua-ku. Wine over movie is a heaven, lol. I wanted to pay for the dinner since he treated me movie. He firmly said, "you come on a date with me, I must pay." Wah seh. 

Haha, we are of different "class" people. Cos I remembered his Lamborgini kena total loss few years back. He told me lose abit only lah, about $80,000. (And he's not hao lian way of saying.) I was like WHAT!!! $80,000 is ABIT??? FML. $800 is a lot to me liao. 

Okay, I need to work harder, so I can achieve 1/4 of what he achieved. (He's only 2 years older than me for goodness sake.)

This time round, I found my real direction and I'm going to chiong all my way out. At this moment, I'm contented with 3 successful referrals per month. Will set new target when I get myself stabilised.

This is also considered sales hor. Just that I don't need to do paperwork and proposal. But I need to liaise and convince my customers too. If I didn't managed to convince them, they will not even bother to view the car. When someone is willing to deliberately make a trip down to see the car, means he/she is already 70% convinced. I'll leave the 30% to the boss. 

Yes. I try to link up with all the bosses becos salesman has no power for negotiations. So if I referred you, most likely the boss will be the one serving you. Just feel free to ask for discount. Lol 

Money is not my main concern now. (So even when I don't earn a single cent from a deal, I'll still do my job well.) I want database, I want contacts & intros, I want customers! I'm not afraid of hard work, at all. The busier I get, the happier I am.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Come. Buy. Merc

FML. I'm fucking stress. Hot date jio me watch movie later!!! And our conversation is getting a little "weird". He asked if I'll be driving? My reply "Drive lo. Cannot be walking there mah." Eh... Awkward silence. Jitao cut off the conversation. Lolol (I hope he don't read my blog, tmd.)

I've never felt so nervous for a long time. Calm down calm down. I'll just be myself. I hope the "date" won't turns out awkward. (Tolong my falsie don't fly out later cos I'm using a different eyelash glue today, lolol!) 

Well, I received feedback from a guy that this looks damn gay. So I've another "gift" for guys who think this is gay. LOL

But I don't know where to buy the thin tissue refill ah.

Hmm, I've the urge to fly to somewhere again. Somewhere, but I don't know where. Yes, alone, #foreveralone. Let me think...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Hot Date"

I've something to confess. I'm a little nervous over tomorrow's dinner "date". Actually, I just met him today, cos I've a friend who's interested to buy his consignment car (Mazda 3).

Everything's normal. He's normal. I'm normal. WE'RE JUST FRIENDS. But no idea why tmd, I feel nervous over tomorrow's dinner. 

And hor, I'm actually bringing another person down to view his another car (C180, lol) tomorrow noon leh. So why the fuck am I feeling nervous over the dinner sia??? Maybe cos I too long never go on date liao lah. It's not becos of him that I feel nervous cos he's just a normal guy to me now (no fast heartbeat yet). It's the "date" that makes me nervous, I don't know what to talk to him.

Before I left today, I reminded him "tomorrow ah", then he said "yah yah HOT DATE". Lolol, maybe his "hot date" makes me nervous lah. 

Stress stress stress. I haven't think of what to wear. Today I wore jeans, tomorrow wear what?! Shit. 

Fuck man. It's just a dinner and drinks. Maybe I wear shorts. LOLOL 
Esther is going down on Sunday to view his BMW coupe too. Hope he can close it! :) 

Many of my friends are asking about C180 and C200 now. I think my face in the photo played a big part. Made the car looks more chio & tempted people to buy, lolol. I'm not kidding, I made quite a few people "jump car" liao. Even those with no car also tempted to buy (cos they asked me about it). 

Go for high OMV cars, you will not regret. If possible, I'll change away Benz Benz in two years and go for a higher OMV car. 

And, if you're also interested to buy C180 or C200, I've them on hand now. Contact me @ 90087688 for more info! 

Now, even my interior is chio (minus away the stupid brown leather seat, I hate brown leather seat, look so ah pek). Everything must match and bling okay. Love the Merc bling bling air refresherner. Sorry, my photo don't do any justice to it due to bad lighting. 

Aiya, I need my beauty sleep now for my "hot date" tomorrow. Good night. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


感觉好奇怪 when your ex company's customer tried his ways and means (he has tried for two days) to robe you into his company to... Sell cars. But obviously, he didn't know I was previously with that company. I also tried ways and means to reject, lol.

Thank you for seeing me so up (maybe he thinks I can sell cos I look like Fann Wong, that's what he said. Lol). But I don't want to get tied down by one company. I prefer what I'm doing now. 

I've tied up with a few dealers (some are long time friends). My job is to "find out" what people want then I'll intro a few best options for them to choose from whatever stocks my dealers have. (No obligation at all.) At the same time, I'm helping my dealers to spread awareness to all my connections.

It's nice when people want to buy a car, they will call and ask if I have or not first! Thank you for the trust and support! (That's my another C200 deal! He initially wanted to get Estima one, I made him jump car! Heehee)

Much as I agree that some of them are just wasting my time by asking for fun, but I do have friends who are very steady towards me. And I don't really think they're asking for fun lah, they probably have no urgency and haven't found one they really like. That's where my job comes in. I need to "read" their mind. Lol! I'm providing a service to people who are not sure what they want, minimise their choices & get the best deal. Afterall, finding cheap and good deals is my forte.

Price will be the same as what they sell to others, I won't mark up. Want to bargain, bargain yourself. Haha! Just earning a minimal referral fee from dealer, not customer. (See. I'm honest right!) 

Like I know a friend who has just started her rental company & she's searching for Asian cars left with 1-2 years. When I see good deal, I'll intro her lor. 

Then another friend (Esther; my manicurist) likes white coupe car. I found one BMW coupe for her too. Hope she buys! Heeee (Her hub gonna give her $30k for dp, so nice!) 

I was telling the boss (the one who wanted to rope me into his company badly), nowadays people will only buy from reliable intro, cos too many scams and cheats around. Plus, there are so many car dealers in SG, selling the same thing. It's sheer luck that people will just walk into your shop and buy from you. He agreed.

Don't worry, I only tie up with people who are trustworthy. My reputation is at stake. I choose who I want to tie up with, not people choose me.  

So, if you're searching for cars, come to me. I'll help u to find the best deal! :) New or used cars all available! No obligation. 
Any car dealers who wish to do this collaboration with me, kindly email me @ (Sorry but I'll need to research about your Company first!) If someone happened to be searching for cars you have, I'll send it to them. In additional, I'll do some free advertising on my FB (personal or page) sometimes. 

I'm spreading out my network now, through social medias, family, friends, neighbours, dad's business associates, customers & friends, crane industry, automotive industry, beauty industry & etc. I simply tell everyone I know, even my maid agent, lolol.

Btw, I sell crane too. My dad sold a crane yesterday. I gonna get comm from him, cos limbu prepared all the documents one. Lolol (And becos he's so damn annoying, I already warned him I emo liao!)

Really need to thank my mummy for the support of my "sideline", she has given me a lot of encouragement throughout this whole period of time. And I can't stay in office all the time. She knows I need to earn more money, for the kids and myself.

Wah. I need to announce this becos... I'm finally going for a "date" this week, lolol. No lah, actually it's just dinner and coffee with one of the dealer friend whom I've not met for trizillion years. He wasn't selling cars yet when I first knew him. All grown old. Busy man date me, I'm so honoured. Now I'm stress, don't know what to wear. Need to flip my wardrobe liao! Hahahaha 

Monday, July 18, 2016


I like the last part. The one who spent your life with you might not be the one you loved the most. 爱一个人, 不一定要在一起. I'm prepared to be #foreveralone anyway. I'm scared to go through all these again.
Nothing hurts more than the person who said he will never ever hurt you, hurt you. This pain is even more torturous than what ZY had given me.
Yes, I played my fair share to cause the r/s to breakdown too. What I didn't expect was, it ended too abruptly, I'm not prepared. Becos all along, we were very very loving (to a point everyone envies). Our arguments and fights always ended up with kisses and hugs, but not this time round. (Now, I dare not watch any love show. Cos it will reminds me of us. And tears will start rolling down like spoilt tap again.)

However, one thing I'm sure is, we didn't stop loving each other. We are forcing ourselves to walk away, due to some circumstances in life. We can only blame fate for playing this painful joke on us. 

8384 - I'll never love another one the same way again. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Look who's back?

Alright, I recovered already. It's not meant to be mine. It's okay. Cos I still love my 4599 a lot more, it brings me a lot of luck too. And if I really strike on 4874, I'll feel guilty for getting rid of it. (自我安慰, haha) So yah. No more emo. (Just now I dulan until I feel like changing car again. I even warned my dad not to disturb me cos I'll be emo for one week. Lolol!) 

As of 14-7-2016.

Say H̤̮E̤̮L̤̮L̤̮O̤̮ if u see me on the road! Lol

Forty five ninety nine, I kept my words, I said I'll never leave you. Please do your job now. Hahahahahaha 

Wah, this Benz Benz saves petrol like crazy!!!

This is one week after full tank! Usually, I've to pump once a week for my previous 3 cars. And it's not that I don't go out. I've been on the road so often lately. 

No idea why my accessories took so damn long to arrive leh. I also want to change my headlight into white. My friend asked me to go and tint my window darker. Ehhhh. Actually, I don't really like to spend on all these leh. Waste of money. I've already spent $100 so far, enough liao. Sorry, I very niao on cars one. 

This car is abit weird. Sometimes, 很有力, sometimes, 没有力. I'm not sure if I accidentally press on the setting or what??? I haven't explore anything yet, busy and lazy. TTS is still the best car I've driven before.

That day, I accidentally set to 30km/h speed limit & I didn't know. So no matter how I accelerate, it's still 30. FML. I thought the car spoil. 

This is funny. In what way is this number unique? And worth $788? I think random number will be better. My 4599 is a random number for Swifty. 

Sorry but I really dislike 4874, it's an eyesore to me. So I didn't even hesitate to retain my 4599 at all. For Beamer, I did hesitate cos Beamer's 5411 (I'm still keeping the plate, lol!) is also quite nice! And carplate retention costs freaking $1.3k. 

What's meant to be, will be. I'm thankful for everything I've now. Like I said, I'm a lucky girl, God dotes on me. If it's mine, it will be mine eventually. 


Everytime I change car, my number will pop 2nd prize. This time round...

Please refer to today's 2nd prize. But I just let go. I bought for 2 weeks plus until Wednesday. Cos my 4599 is back on Thursday. Fuck x 644785398 times. 

Wah. I'm super fucking emo. I want to kill myself already. Bye. 

Don't talk to me for one week. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016


給我一個理由忘記 那麼愛我的你
給我一個理由放棄 當時做的決定
有些愛 越想抽離卻越更清晰
而最痛的距離 是你不在身邊 卻在我的心裡

我找不到理由忘記 大雨裡的別離
我找不到理由放棄 我等你的決心
有些愛 越想抽離卻越更清晰
而最痛的距離 是你不在身邊 卻在我的心裡

Thursday, July 14, 2016


I learnt what's true love at only this freaking age of 32.

Love is not possession. 
Love holds no grudges and revenge. 
Love is helping your partner to a better person. 
Love is watching him/her do well, even when you're not the one by his/her side. 
Love is wanting him/her to be happy. 

We decided to let go not becos we don't love each other anymore. On the contrary, our love is too strong till it becomes a form of suffocation. We let go becos we want each other to be happy. 

There is an unbreakable bond between us. Therefore 大婶, seriously, stop trying. I know you're just out to hurt me with all your nonsense posts. But your sweet moment photos can never be compared to our 600 photos. However, being kind as I am, I'll not deliberately hurt you the same way you hurt me. Becos like I said, I've nothing against you personally (I only bth all your bimbo dramas) and I've never want to compare with you at all. 

We are all women. Just like you, I get emotional and cry too. But I don't show my tears and sadness to anyone, I don't like to make people worry about me. (However, for the past few months till now, I've lost control of my own tears.) I choose what I want to blog, I choose not to show my weaknesses here. I'm fighting a battle nobody knows about. I'm still picking myself up, slowly. 

I blogged the way I did for my past few posts was not out to ruin you and him. Becos if I really wanted to do that, names and photos will be up too. I've my own reason for doing so, and it's purely out of love. That's my only way to help him.

Love is, even when I'm not the one by his side, even when there's no returns, no matter how he hurt me, no matter how he treat me, I still want him to do well. 

The pain he has given me, didn't manage to take away the love I have for him. But I'm learning to let go, bit by bit. I've to pretend to be strong in order not to make my mum and kids worried about me. Being strong is the only option I have now.

I'll leave him to you now. Please try your best to help him. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The kind of lame shit she do...

She's my number one fans, very loyal & supportive. She stalks my blog everyday, read and get upset or cry or she compares (and act like she sibei sut to win)!!!

Please refer to a few post back when I said I rushed down to LTA and queued to take my pin becos it's urgent. And no idea if the officer I knew is still working or not cos I haven't been there for a long time, if not I can cut queue. Look at how proud is she???

LOLOL this also want to compare! (Other than comparing, I've no idea why would people post such lame shit on Company's FB? Not as if it's her first time to LTA.) Little does she knows why I haven't been there for a long time. Becos I've people like her to run the errands for me. 

Sorry 大婶, the only thing you can win me is, YOUR AGE. So stop trying so hard to compare with me. And let me repeat myself, you're NO THREAT to me at all. 

Kindly reflect on all your childish actions. You're 42, not 12. Stop your all bimbotic acts. Nobody wants to compare with you at all. Instead of wasting your time on all these, why not think of ways to improve your sales & earn more money? 

There's a limit to everyone's patience. Don't always come and provoke me first and when I fight back, u cry and become the victim instead. Just becos I appear strong, doesn't mean I'm the devil. 

I've never bother about you before, not in the past, not now, and not in the future. Don't waste my time please. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New focus!

LOL, my CB friend sent me screenshots of a FB page... I don't even know that page exist sia. This fucking 大婶 aka Joann Lim has been trying to "challenge" me. If you think you can, just come. Don't always post shit (Sweet moment @ Newton food centre? lol good try. Are you expecting me to cry like u? Don't understand why are you so proud of yourself cheating? And what's the big deal to go LTA and know men from there? Please leh, if it's not urgent & my own car, I've workers to run the errand. No wonder you achieved nothing at this age. Bimbo!) and act like you have won the game, becos I've never want to compete with you on anything before. You are not worth a second of my time at all. TYVM. 

A sense of relieve after the last post, becos I've finally let go of everything and focus on what I should now.

Keeping myself busy with selling cars (my sideline), so many enquires lor. After I blasted out, people started to msg me. (I might be closing 3 cars at once! *pray*) 

Improving myself with more marketing articles, afterall, social medias marketing is what I'm strongest at. And it's also the most in thing now. Cos nobody lives in stone age anymore. 

Internet is rocking the world. Living in this skeptical era, everyone search everything online. And when you have a bad name (just one negative feedback is enough), you probably can say byebye to your business. 

That's why only idiot post nonsense on Company's FB, so unprofessional. Think what? Personal space ah? Your customers interested in your personal life ah? Or interested in what you have for breakfast ah? (I say u, is for your own good! But of cos, you can continue to be an idiot.) 

My blog, is being submitted to all search engines since birth. Which means, if I blog about U, and people Google/Bing/whatever, my weblink will pop out de. (That's why website is important, even though I always blog nonsense, but people like to read leh!) 

And hahaha, actually many of my friends are secretly reading it, I didn't know lor. 

He is one of them. People are guessing if he's my new... partner? Hahahaha! For me to know, for you to find out. 

He praised Benz Benz leh. (He was kinda tempted when he reads my blog! Many people got tempted actually.) He said its damn chio. I tell you ah, it will be more chio in time to come cos I ordered some accessories online liao. Show u all when its here! 


The more I drive, the more I fall in love with it. Chio and sleek outlook, internal also damn nice, and it's POWERFUL. I didn't know it's turbo sia. No wonder so 有力! And you know, the owner is chio too. Lolol 


I also have an old-new workshop to intro (will blog about it soon), my Beamer and Benz Benz have been there for a few times. But up till now, he didn't charge me for anything yet. Honest and nice. 

One friend told me, "The only car garages who are honest and good are those old and lok kok ones. Becos they don't overcharge, that's why their business is to 过日子 only." 

Then I look at my parents' business, it's true you know. Cos my mum is too kind, so the business becomes stagnant but proper. 平平淡淡过日子. 

However, if they decided to retire and sell everything away, hmm, they will become multi-millionaire. (One big crane costs 2 millions! And most are almost fully paid!) So I'm not kidding when I said I'm a 千金 you know. I choose to go out and work becos I want to be independent, that's all. 

Anyway, my parents don't spoil us in terms of material stuffs. We pay for our own cars, and things we wanted to buy. Cos they are not multi-millionaire yet, lolol. 

Can't wait for the accessories to come and I might be sending Benz Benz and myself for photoshoot. Discussing with photographer now. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

The end of the end.

This is the longest time I took to recover from a r/s and I hope there won't be anymore next time, it's torturing.

Last 2 months - still trying to accept all the realities & truths, adapting to life without him and making changes to my life. Seriously, it's not an easy task. But changes is the only constant in life. 

And now, after speaking to him yesterday (even though he didn't reply much, but at least I've said my piece, taking back all my anger words, I hope he can do well, sincerely. I'm not one who hold onto grudges anyway), 我走了, b. 

Sometimes, it's not that you're still pinning hope (I don't cos I know we're not meant to be), but the memories that refused to leave your mind killed you. However, I think I've cried and grieved enough. 

I'll start accepting dates and allowing people into my heart now. :) 

And, no more thinking & talking about him. Enough. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Midnight supper!

Decided that I've nua enough (cannot lah, stay at home listen songs keep tearing, siao one), and my mama said I'm getting more and more skinny (define skinny please), I jio-ed my daughter for supper. (It was a very very last min decision, so I just change and go out, bare face!)

But, much to my surprise... Many people don't sleep at night. 


AFTER 25 mins wait, our number is 192. Wait until dozing off sia. Old liao, cannot dong night. I've not been out so late for dinosaur years. Zombiefied! 


Ordered way too much food and ended up dabao. Raeann, as usual, ate more than me. I don't have supper habit. 

But I just don't feel like staying at home and get myself emo. Though yes, I know, everyone has been telling me the same thing, it's not worth it. But aiya, it's a phase I need to go through, unless I'm a player. (I'm not going to becos of this, change myself into one. I still believe true love does exist, staying faithful and honest will bring me happiness one day. I'll not share my man, neither share myself.) Let's just say it's part of my "growing up" process. Been there, done that, learnt. I pray to God everyday, to help me remove him out from my mind. Time.will.heals. 

The benefit of being a young mum, able to jio daughter out for supper, when I still have the energy. Haha

Friday, July 8, 2016

Why I insisted on a Conti car?

Ben Ben; this name holds a very significant meaning to me since last year. Probably that's why I got this car? It's all fated. Sigh

Still trying to get used to this new ride, becos hor, Beamer's steering is super duper heavy, and this is so light. My car is still kinda empty cos I'm lazy. Hahaha 

This car is quite cool one. Got built in GPS and reverse cam. 

It also shows you where's your location. Too high tech already, I don't know how to use. LOL

Wah, this car 很有力 sia. Cut lane sup sup water! Love it! 

Anyway, I'm going to show a friend my car later. She initially wanted to get vezel, but after seeing my post, she might be getting C180 too. Heehee
I've asked. Still got a few units of C180 and C200. Who wants to view car? Lai lai. I showcase mine to you. Hahahaha 
No regret for getting this car, even my mum also said it's worth it. Let me give a detailed explanation of why I insisted on a conti car. Sorry, it's not about status or face, I don't care at all. I dress in cheap clothing and eat at hawkers (favourite). I might look high maintenance but I'm not. I seldom go out. My favourite hobby is to nua at home. LOL! You can ask anyone, it's very difficult to date me, unless it's about work? 
Okay. This is my own logic lah. You may disagree, of cos. 


When you change from...

Jap - Jap car, you have to top up around $10k.

Jap - Conti car, maybe around $20+k.

Conti - Conti/Jap, maybe $0. 

If not for my carplate retention, I still can get back some cash lor, lol. In this case, I'm very thankful to the person who asked me to buy Beamer. Thank you. Becos I spent all my money on my new house, and I've no money to top up now. 


A normal Jap car OMV is around 10-20k. Which means when you scrap, you probably get back less than $10k, you confirm, guarantee + chop have to find money to top up for your next car. Beamer OMV is $47k, Benz around $30+k. Moreover, a conti car definitely has better resale value. 


Currently, most of the cars' depre are over $10k/year. You can go and research, a Honda Stream's depre is about $13k/year. My current ride is at $14+k/year. That's of cos, I got Benz at a good price. (But yesterday when I asked C180 for my friend, he sent me two, at even better price, tmd.)


My mum bought a Hyundai Avante from him, and she's paying $1039 per month. Beamer @ $1265 and this current one also about the same as Beamer. Nowadays, most cars' monthly instalment will go over $1k. 

Even though I can full cash a Jap car now and relax for 2-3 years, but after that leh? If I'm still poor, how? Human nature leh, when you have less burden and more money, you will spend more, on things you can't see. 

So yah, this is why. It's not about wanting to show off. Nothing to show becos I'm at home/office almost 24/7. Show who? LOL

If you're also interested to get C180 or C200, please contact me @ 90087688

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Welcome Benz Benz!

FINALLY. After so much hassle, you're mine!!! I'll love you till the end of life. (Hahaha this Meimei go and open the door when this photo is being snapped!) 

O'rite, I gotta be honest here (honesty is a virtue). I bought this car from my ex coll who has also left the company to venture out on his own. He's the one who dealed with me during Beamer's time too. 

Highly recommended!

Becos he's honest and straight to the point, like me. This deal is very transparent. He honestly tell me how much he earned from me, which I accept. Do business of cos must earn lah, if not do for what? I'm not an unreasonable person. You honestly tell me, I'll accept. 

And becos of one small dot, he went to respray the whole bonnet & door for me. He also changed brand new tyres for me. When I asked him "why?" becos I didn't request for it, he said "he don't wish to do one time business only". 

Which is so true, that's why I'm supporting him. I always always mention this, "words of mouth" is very very essential for a business. You do it properly, people will naturally recommend you to others. And I've recommended him to all my friends on FB. (Please privately email me for his contact if you want!) 

Why I didn't support my ex company? 

I'm not being revengeful or whatsoever, becos they are already none of my business. 

But one of the reason is, I DON'T WISH TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH 大婶!

Sorry, disgusting is the only word I can think of to describe her. So old already still lidat! (Not as if she's single somemore!) Tsk! I know I'll grow old one day too. But rest assured I won't be like her! It's funny, everyone is calling her 大婶 now!

In fact, all along, I've nothing against her at all (我对事不对人) cos I never see her as a threat before (that's how much I trusted him). To a point, I still worried that she will be jobless (not knowing that they did so much behind my back). It's her, she see me as an eyesore, banned me from Turf etc. (I only wanted to work, that's all!) She's the one giving problems, not me! Get this very clear. Becos I'm NOT a drama creator (I dislike attention!). I'm always at peace unless being provoked badly.

(I think he better don't employ anymore lady. If not she will always continue her old woman drama. Cry lah, emo lah, face black black lah, disappeared from work after reading my blog lah, post loving moments on company's FB lah etc etc etc! People worried about business, stressed over money. She worried about what I'll post on my blog, stressed over how loving we used to be. HAHAHA! I really wonder whose the one who caused him lidat today? Whose the one who made all the capable people by his side leave? No problem, they can continue. Please be happily ever after. Prove to me my leaving is worth.) 

Aiya. Don't think they need my business and referrals too. So I'm referring all my friends, relatives and family to this ex coll of mine now. Hope he can close them! :) 

Why C180? 

To be honest, I don't know. But I refused to change into a Japanese car becos of the OMV. 

I merely topped $800+ (cos I retained carplate) to change this car. Becos Beamer has very high parf value which saved me this time round. 

Just imagine if I'm scrapping a Jap car now and I only get back around $7k, where am I going to find the money to top for another car? 

Instalment & depreciation are around the same amount too. So yah, I'm not being hao-lian, I'm just thinking about long term. 

And in fact, it's a downgrade. Cos Beamer is bigger (2.5L). This is only 1.6L. I don't need such a big car and I can save on road tax! Heehee 

New ride! New life! 4599 I love you. Thanks J for the Prada keychain! :)

I'll blog more about the car functions when I'm done exploring it. It might take years cos I don't really like to do such thing. Hahaha 

If you're interested to know more about this car, I'll gladly tell you what I know. If you're interested to buy this car too, kindly contact me @ 90087688

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Spreading out my wings!

The cars are making me sooooooooo busy. I still didn't receive the LTA pin, I camped in front of my letter box to wait for the postman. So excited when I saw the postman. Haha

So I rushed down to LTA, queued and retrieved a fucking new pin. Was asking my friend "since when LTA become so crowded?". Missed those days when I can cut queue becos I knew one of the higher officer there. (LTA was my 2nd home then.) After so long, I don't even know if she's still there, and I can't remember her name. FML

Lunch @ Orchard after LTA. 

The weather made me crave for beer. I feel like going to a cold country now. Maybe drive up to Genting after collecting Benz. (Who knows next post I'm already at Genting? Lol) 

Anyway, I'm officially joining the car trade, I asked them to print my name card already. I'm going to spread out my wings, distribute my card to all my dad's business friends, same trade associates, all my friends and their friends.


During the last stage of the r/s, my confidence level was hitted damn badly, till I felt I was such a burden, I gave him nothing but stress, for the mistakes he did. (Long story short, he lied and did plenty of nonsense behind my back, I found out. But no apology and God-knows-why it became my fault for distrust instead? Until now, I still didn't receive a single sorry. *shrug* Maybe he thinks it's right to do it.) Oh really? Am I so useless?

Sorry, I'm worth a lot. I just didn't have much chance to prove it. My creditibilty is valuable. People trusted me. 

A good staff is not one who refused to take salary and work for free (cos she has 0 sales?), but one who knows how to bring in money. Get it? :) If that's the case, might as well place a deity there. He will look after the place for you, no need salary too. 

Just too bad for those people who doesn't see my worth. I don't need them to see it too. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Stupid pin!

Wah. I don't know if I should be pissed off with LTA or Singpost. The stupid pin (letter) made me go up and down, up and down, so many fucking times, wasted my precious petrol and time, but ended up with disappointment, and more disappointments. Never in my life I'm so enthu opening letter box. Hahahahahaha

Without the pin, I can't handover Beamer. 

While waiting for Mr postman at home, I found the best spot for selfie!!!

The lighting is so good. No need beauty cam, I also can be pretty. LOLOL I'm really good at 苦中作乐. Becos the weather is damn hot and it's making me so damn pekchek.

Today is not a good day. A friend whom I knew through ZY, passed away in his sleep suddenly. So young and sudden, cos he just commented on my FB awhile back. I was shocked. 
It hitted me suddenly too. That I should cherish my present, and all the people who are still around. In fact, through this issue, I found out I've many many friends who are really concerned about me. And they really supported me, becos of me. For this, I'm really really thankful. 
Even my precious Raeann, my goodness, she's so concerned about my LOVE LIFE. She peeped into my msgs and keep asking who is this, who is that, hahahah. 

I'm an open book. So if I'm really into another r/s, it won't be difficult to guess. Think the first thing is, I'll put on weight, lolol. 

Nice song to share... 你別擔心, 我不怕一個人站在雨裡. 除了你, 我找不到能快樂的意義. 眼淚帶給你的壓力太清晰. 我真的不是故意. 不是故意, 讓自己變得不再像自己. 為了你, 拼命想拿一百分而努力. 你卻離我越來越遠的距離, 直到我失去你. 真的不是故意.

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Last few photos before/after I cleared the car. Honestly don't know how to describe the feeling. I didn't cry but I wasn't happy either. (Okay, I ended up tearing again.)
If there is a pill to erase away all the memories, I'll gladly eat it. 
Why did God made me go through all these? Was it a good lesson learnt? Or was it my punishment?
Why did he create a heaven for me, and dropped me directly to hell, without any warning?
There are so many whys in my head. But I know I can never get answers for them. 
Not a single bit of excitement for the new car. Not that I'm proud or arrogant, but I just have no feeling towards anything now. I think even a Birkin can't make me happy now. 

Sigh... Life goes on.