Sunday, July 31, 2016

August Promotion

From 1st - 31st August 2016, whoever bought a Benz or Vezel through my referral will receive the above, courtesy from yours truly. I love gifting! 

Ah уєѕ, finally case closed. Esther managed to get $3k discount from the boss aka "hot date" and she's happy with the car! She ownself bargain one, lol. 

It's a good buy actually. Given the price she bought at, depre is less than $15k for a BMW coupe! I emphasised on this car cos I like it very much too. A little man, a little lady, cool. 

Actually to me, people got buy or not (even after a few viewings), I also okay one. (Please ah, most important is to buy one you really like cos the car is gonna follows you, not me.) They can reject, but please don't hang me in mid air can liao. Don't feel paiseh to "waste my time" becos I take this as a hobby too. I just want to keep myself occupied. 

I've to keep myself very very busy in order to move on the correct way. Many people asked me to find another one, go out with guys who are interested in me etc, but I refused to. Got meaning meh? If it's so easy to substitute, it's not love. And if it's not love, I won't have problem moving on. 

Time for bed. Tomorrow will be a long day. Good night. 

Hot date's Aston Martin! (He don't floor all his cars sia!) Really can see all the weird weird cars there. I'll sell supercars next time, lol. 

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