Saturday, July 30, 2016


Sigh. I'm paying $522 monthly to my maid for her to come and watch Meimei watch iPad. She's always using Meimei as an excuse to laze around. 

I'm still waiting for the agent to get back to me on the transfer as she doesn't seem very keen to search for her and keep asking me to send her home. But I know they have to pay a hefty sum just to come here & work that's why I keep holding back. Very zek arh leh! 

But she's... the "best maid" ever. 

When we went overseas that time, she slept whole day in her room. Times up liao, wake up and search for food, wait for Mary to cook for her. Amazing hor? 

She's simply pissing everyone off now. Even me, with a very high tolerance level, also bth, must scold her. 

Last week, Meimei was very sick. You know what she did? She went to the fridge find chocolate and offered it to Meimei early in the morning. She's always trying to please MM by giving her everything, without asking me & without using her brain. And when you scold her, she still can smile at you happily. I want to die. 

Let me settle all my cars on hand first, and I'll settle her next. Being kind to others = being mean to thyself. I need to learn to be less kind. 

Sending her home might be good, to prevent the next person from high blood pressure. 

LOLOL ZY's friend. He's interested in the new harrier. Then just now, I helped another ZY friend's friend to sell his Peugeot 508. "Hot date" is taking it in. (Somehow this name got stuck! People msg me "can you ask your hot date blah blah blah". Hahaha) 

It wasn't an easy task cos many dealers don't even want to take in this brand, unless trade in. Oh yah, I can help you to sell your car too. But I've to let you know first, price for cars less than 2 years lifespan are quite jialat. If you're expecting SGcarmart price, please sell it yourself. 

I'll be seeing him tomorrow (he made me work on a Sunday, he said it's hard to close without me) to close a deal, Monday noon again for the Peugeot. Monday morning I have another appointment for Vezel too. 

But I've learnt not to pin any hope, as many people will last minute change appointment. It's okay if they inform early, but some hor, really jialat, like to hang people in mid air. I don't like such people.

One of my favourite song...

I'd rather you be mean than love and lie. I'd rather hear the truth and have to say goodbye. I'd rather take a blow at least then I would know. But baby don't you break my heart slow. 

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