Thursday, July 21, 2016

Come. Buy. Merc

FML. I'm fucking stress. Hot date jio me watch movie later!!! And our conversation is getting a little "weird". He asked if I'll be driving? My reply "Drive lo. Cannot be walking there mah." Eh... Awkward silence. Jitao cut off the conversation. Lolol (I hope he don't read my blog, tmd.)

I've never felt so nervous for a long time. Calm down calm down. I'll just be myself. I hope the "date" won't turns out awkward. (Tolong my falsie don't fly out later cos I'm using a different eyelash glue today, lolol!) 

Well, I received feedback from a guy that this looks damn gay. So I've another "gift" for guys who think this is gay. LOL

But I don't know where to buy the thin tissue refill ah.

Hmm, I've the urge to fly to somewhere again. Somewhere, but I don't know where. Yes, alone, #foreveralone. Let me think...

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