Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Hot Date"

I've something to confess. I'm a little nervous over tomorrow's dinner "date". Actually, I just met him today, cos I've a friend who's interested to buy his consignment car (Mazda 3).

Everything's normal. He's normal. I'm normal. WE'RE JUST FRIENDS. But no idea why tmd, I feel nervous over tomorrow's dinner. 

And hor, I'm actually bringing another person down to view his another car (C180, lol) tomorrow noon leh. So why the fuck am I feeling nervous over the dinner sia??? Maybe cos I too long never go on date liao lah. It's not becos of him that I feel nervous cos he's just a normal guy to me now (no fast heartbeat yet). It's the "date" that makes me nervous, I don't know what to talk to him.

Before I left today, I reminded him "tomorrow ah", then he said "yah yah HOT DATE". Lolol, maybe his "hot date" makes me nervous lah. 

Stress stress stress. I haven't think of what to wear. Today I wore jeans, tomorrow wear what?! Shit. 

Fuck man. It's just a dinner and drinks. Maybe I wear shorts. LOLOL 
Esther is going down on Sunday to view his BMW coupe too. Hope he can close it! :) 

Many of my friends are asking about C180 and C200 now. I think my face in the photo played a big part. Made the car looks more chio & tempted people to buy, lolol. I'm not kidding, I made quite a few people "jump car" liao. Even those with no car also tempted to buy (cos they asked me about it). 

Go for high OMV cars, you will not regret. If possible, I'll change away Benz Benz in two years and go for a higher OMV car. 

And, if you're also interested to buy C180 or C200, I've them on hand now. Contact me @ 90087688 for more info! 

Now, even my interior is chio (minus away the stupid brown leather seat, I hate brown leather seat, look so ah pek). Everything must match and bling okay. Love the Merc bling bling air refresherner. Sorry, my photo don't do any justice to it due to bad lighting. 

Aiya, I need my beauty sleep now for my "hot date" tomorrow. Good night. 

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