Tuesday, July 19, 2016


感觉好奇怪 when your ex company's customer tried his ways and means (he has tried for two days) to robe you into his company to... Sell cars. But obviously, he didn't know I was previously with that company. I also tried ways and means to reject, lol.

Thank you for seeing me so up (maybe he thinks I can sell cos I look like Fann Wong, that's what he said. Lol). But I don't want to get tied down by one company. I prefer what I'm doing now. 

I've tied up with a few dealers (some are long time friends). My job is to "find out" what people want then I'll intro a few best options for them to choose from whatever stocks my dealers have. (No obligation at all.) At the same time, I'm helping my dealers to spread awareness to all my connections.

It's nice when people want to buy a car, they will call and ask if I have or not first! Thank you for the trust and support! (That's my another C200 deal! He initially wanted to get Estima one, I made him jump car! Heehee)

Much as I agree that some of them are just wasting my time by asking for fun, but I do have friends who are very steady towards me. And I don't really think they're asking for fun lah, they probably have no urgency and haven't found one they really like. That's where my job comes in. I need to "read" their mind. Lol! I'm providing a service to people who are not sure what they want, minimise their choices & get the best deal. Afterall, finding cheap and good deals is my forte.

Price will be the same as what they sell to others, I won't mark up. Want to bargain, bargain yourself. Haha! Just earning a minimal referral fee from dealer, not customer. (See. I'm honest right!) 

Like I know a friend who has just started her rental company & she's searching for Asian cars left with 1-2 years. When I see good deal, I'll intro her lor. 

Then another friend (Esther; my manicurist) likes white coupe car. I found one BMW coupe for her too. Hope she buys! Heeee (Her hub gonna give her $30k for dp, so nice!) 

I was telling the boss (the one who wanted to rope me into his company badly), nowadays people will only buy from reliable intro, cos too many scams and cheats around. Plus, there are so many car dealers in SG, selling the same thing. It's sheer luck that people will just walk into your shop and buy from you. He agreed.

Don't worry, I only tie up with people who are trustworthy. My reputation is at stake. I choose who I want to tie up with, not people choose me.  

So, if you're searching for cars, come to me. I'll help u to find the best deal! :) New or used cars all available! No obligation. 
Any car dealers who wish to do this collaboration with me, kindly email me @ joanne842@yahoo.com.sg. (Sorry but I'll need to research about your Company first!) If someone happened to be searching for cars you have, I'll send it to them. In additional, I'll do some free advertising on my FB (personal or page) sometimes. 

I'm spreading out my network now, through social medias, family, friends, neighbours, dad's business associates, customers & friends, crane industry, automotive industry, beauty industry & etc. I simply tell everyone I know, even my maid agent, lolol.

Btw, I sell crane too. My dad sold a crane yesterday. I gonna get comm from him, cos limbu prepared all the documents one. Lolol (And becos he's so damn annoying, I already warned him I emo liao!)

Really need to thank my mummy for the support of my "sideline", she has given me a lot of encouragement throughout this whole period of time. And I can't stay in office all the time. She knows I need to earn more money, for the kids and myself.

Wah. I need to announce this becos... I'm finally going for a "date" this week, lolol. No lah, actually it's just dinner and coffee with one of the dealer friend whom I've not met for trizillion years. He wasn't selling cars yet when I first knew him. All grown old. Busy man date me, I'm so honoured. Now I'm stress, don't know what to wear. Need to flip my wardrobe liao! Hahahaha 

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