Monday, July 18, 2016


I like the last part. The one who spent your life with you might not be the one you loved the most. 爱一个人, 不一定要在一起. I'm prepared to be #foreveralone anyway. I'm scared to go through all these again.
Nothing hurts more than the person who said he will never ever hurt you, hurt you. This pain is even more torturous than what ZY had given me.
Yes, I played my fair share to cause the r/s to breakdown too. What I didn't expect was, it ended too abruptly, I'm not prepared. Becos all along, we were very very loving (to a point everyone envies). Our arguments and fights always ended up with kisses and hugs, but not this time round. (Now, I dare not watch any love show. Cos it will reminds me of us. And tears will start rolling down like spoilt tap again.)

However, one thing I'm sure is, we didn't stop loving each other. We are forcing ourselves to walk away, due to some circumstances in life. We can only blame fate for playing this painful joke on us. 

8384 - I'll never love another one the same way again. 

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