Friday, July 22, 2016

Knowledgable & eligible "hot date"!

The "date" turned out ... GOOD. Not as weird as what I expect. Lol

I bombarded him with ALOT of car questions until he said he's going to ignore me. LOL

Sorry ah. Cos I don't know so I must ask until I know. He made me read up about lemon law the moment I reached home. 

He has been in the car trade for many many years. And he specialised in conti and supercars only. He has a super cool car can, I first time see such a car lor. Mercedes SLS!

Ah this. Anyway, he "play" with supercars one. Due to his contacts and network, he's unable to sell any Asian cars. 

I learnt something new today. "Buying an import used supercar is like buying a chiong Hermes. No (parf) value, cannot join (supercars) Club, cannot go HQ for service and repairs and nobody want to buy, unless you sell it at super low price! People who know about supercars, will not buy."
This man is really unique sia. He taught me not to waste my time on things that doesn't gain me knowledge, doesn't make money and doesn't benefit me. He taught me about cars and car trade. He taught me how to manage a proper business. He taught me how to handle staffs properly (he has a good way of doing it). He taught me how to do more networking. He taught me a lot during the few short hours.
I thought about all his "lectures" while driving home. His words really make me THINK. I told him I'll learn. :)
There's something we think alike though, which is doing business through referrals. He said he don't want to employ people who station inside the shop to 摆美. LOL

I think my new "job" as a car agent can really work leh. Dealers will be happy to link up with people like me. Cos now, I really go all the way out to spread my network. Even today, I went to collect a long overdued payment for my full time job. The admin exchanged contact with me, saying her friend (or bf) is searching for a BMW (she can't remember what car). 
I'm always out, seldom in the office now. When I finally can sit down and take a break, I'll do a lot of follow up with all my "customers". Marketing articles taught me that customers love follow up and rewards. It's true. Cos when I do follow up with people (even when I know they won't buy), they thank me for following up. People will remember you for your sincerity. 

Can't deny that when you mix with people better than you, you will improve yourself to be better too. I'm really motivated by him.

I didn't know he booked Gold Class tickets, it's my first time & I'm fucking sua-ku. Wine over movie is a heaven, lol. I wanted to pay for the dinner since he treated me movie. He firmly said, "you come on a date with me, I must pay." Wah seh. 

Haha, we are of different "class" people. Cos I remembered his Lamborgini kena total loss few years back. He told me lose abit only lah, about $80,000. (And he's not hao lian way of saying.) I was like WHAT!!! $80,000 is ABIT??? FML. $800 is a lot to me liao. 

Okay, I need to work harder, so I can achieve 1/4 of what he achieved. (He's only 2 years older than me for goodness sake.)

This time round, I found my real direction and I'm going to chiong all my way out. At this moment, I'm contented with 3 successful referrals per month. Will set new target when I get myself stabilised.

This is also considered sales hor. Just that I don't need to do paperwork and proposal. But I need to liaise and convince my customers too. If I didn't managed to convince them, they will not even bother to view the car. When someone is willing to deliberately make a trip down to see the car, means he/she is already 70% convinced. I'll leave the 30% to the boss. 

Yes. I try to link up with all the bosses becos salesman has no power for negotiations. So if I referred you, most likely the boss will be the one serving you. Just feel free to ask for discount. Lol 

Money is not my main concern now. (So even when I don't earn a single cent from a deal, I'll still do my job well.) I want database, I want contacts & intros, I want customers! I'm not afraid of hard work, at all. The busier I get, the happier I am.


  1. Can see that you're trying hard to gain your ex bf attention ..but this just doesn't work it will make a person more 烦感.
    It shows that you're not moving on .
    Sorry offence
    Have a nice weekend

    1. You're fucking crazy, why should I get his attention? You don't even know what's going on at all. We are at the stage of no return anymore, getting his attention doesn't benefit me at all. And in what way I go for a date = getting his attention? How do I even get his attention when I'm dating others? What talking you sia?

    2. He 反感 or not, I don't know and I don't care. But I've told him that I've closed my blog already, so I don't think he's reading it anymore.

    3. And just FYI, we already stopped contacting each other. In this case, how do I even get his attention?

    4. I've not gotten his attention since March. Yes, initially I tried getting his attention, but not this way, I choose to shut my blog that period of time.

      Now, I'm already used to life without him, so why should I even try to get his attention? Sorry. I've moved on. You don't know me well enough to pass this kind of comment.

    5. If I'm not moving on, I'll never accept any date, or go out with any man. I'll not risk the chance of getting back tgt by upsetting him.

    6. I used to blog about him too. Does it means I'm trying to get my ex hus's attention too? You're weird.

  2. Ya and no offense.. As a mother of 2.. Your focus should be on your kids.. They should be your pillar of strength..

    Don have to tell people that you are strong.. If you are really strong.. People can see.. No need u to say.

    From ZY till ur ex.. I feel sad for your girls.. Not you..

    1. Wait wait wait. Excuse me. What exactly did I do now? What is it in this post that you are unclear about? I'm talking about MY OWN career to earn more money for my kids. Did I behave any indecent here to deserve such a comment? How did u know I did not focus on my kids? So I must boast everyday on how to be a good mother issit?

      Yah. I cannot say anything might as well close my blog. What's the purpose of blogging? If you're not happy reading it, then why still read?

      Don't act like such a saint by feeling sad for my girls. Oh please. U know nuts about me, don't act like you know me very well. My goodness.

    2. And don't be a bimbo pls. A "date" is just a term, saying just for fun. I'm doing networking. Can't u see I'm talking about work most of the time? I'm stress becos I never meet up with a guy idk well alone before. Don't be lame. I'm not desperate. It's all out of work.

      I'm at home almost EVERYDAY. So u mean I got kids I cannot go out is it? Please lah. I need to think of ways to earn more money.

      Strong or not I don't know and I don't care. I just to focus on earning money.

    3. Wait till u only asked for $700 alimony for the kids and he don't even want to pay then u tell me such things ok. You don't even know what others is going through yet u made so much noise. If I didn't care and focus on the kids, I will not think of earning money.

    4. If I can be like you, everyday shake leg and read blogs, I'll be happy too. I blog becos I've no one to talk to. Work and work and work is the only thing I do beside blogging. Even inside the movie yesterday, my msgs on selling/buying cars keep coming in non stop and I was on the phone all the time. Probably your definition of "date" is holding hands and kissing. Sorry. I'm not lidat. I agreed to go cos I want to know more about his company and car trade. This is the only way I can learn.

  3. Hi Joanne, i find that you are quite a contradicting person. Hope you do not take offense to critics :)

  4. Anonymous,

    Why don't you openly declare your name? Instead of using anonymous to make comments on how Joanne live her life now. Its her blog she want write what she want if you think she is contradicting then U can don't read her blog. Do you think it's easy being a mom let alone a single mom of 2.


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