Sunday, July 17, 2016

Look who's back?

Alright, I recovered already. It's not meant to be mine. It's okay. Cos I still love my 4599 a lot more, it brings me a lot of luck too. And if I really strike on 4874, I'll feel guilty for getting rid of it. (自我安慰, haha) So yah. No more emo. (Just now I dulan until I feel like changing car again. I even warned my dad not to disturb me cos I'll be emo for one week. Lolol!) 

As of 14-7-2016.

Say H̤̮E̤̮L̤̮L̤̮O̤̮ if u see me on the road! Lol

Forty five ninety nine, I kept my words, I said I'll never leave you. Please do your job now. Hahahahahaha 

Wah, this Benz Benz saves petrol like crazy!!!

This is one week after full tank! Usually, I've to pump once a week for my previous 3 cars. And it's not that I don't go out. I've been on the road so often lately. 

No idea why my accessories took so damn long to arrive leh. I also want to change my headlight into white. My friend asked me to go and tint my window darker. Ehhhh. Actually, I don't really like to spend on all these leh. Waste of money. I've already spent $100 so far, enough liao. Sorry, I very niao on cars one. 

This car is abit weird. Sometimes, 很有力, sometimes, 没有力. I'm not sure if I accidentally press on the setting or what??? I haven't explore anything yet, busy and lazy. TTS is still the best car I've driven before.

That day, I accidentally set to 30km/h speed limit & I didn't know. So no matter how I accelerate, it's still 30. FML. I thought the car spoil. 

This is funny. In what way is this number unique? And worth $788? I think random number will be better. My 4599 is a random number for Swifty. 

Sorry but I really dislike 4874, it's an eyesore to me. So I didn't even hesitate to retain my 4599 at all. For Beamer, I did hesitate cos Beamer's 5411 (I'm still keeping the plate, lol!) is also quite nice! And carplate retention costs freaking $1.3k. 

What's meant to be, will be. I'm thankful for everything I've now. Like I said, I'm a lucky girl, God dotes on me. If it's mine, it will be mine eventually. 

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