Thursday, July 14, 2016


I learnt what's true love at only this freaking age of 32.

Love is not possession. 
Love holds no grudges and revenge. 
Love is helping your partner to a better person. 
Love is watching him/her do well, even when you're not the one by his/her side. 
Love is wanting him/her to be happy. 

We decided to let go not becos we don't love each other anymore. On the contrary, our love is too strong till it becomes a form of suffocation. We let go becos we want each other to be happy. 

There is an unbreakable bond between us. Therefore 大婶, seriously, stop trying. I know you're just out to hurt me with all your nonsense posts. But your sweet moment photos can never be compared to our 600 photos. However, being kind as I am, I'll not deliberately hurt you the same way you hurt me. Becos like I said, I've nothing against you personally (I only bth all your bimbo dramas) and I've never want to compare with you at all. 

We are all women. Just like you, I get emotional and cry too. But I don't show my tears and sadness to anyone, I don't like to make people worry about me. (However, for the past few months till now, I've lost control of my own tears.) I choose what I want to blog, I choose not to show my weaknesses here. I'm fighting a battle nobody knows about. I'm still picking myself up, slowly. 

I blogged the way I did for my past few posts was not out to ruin you and him. Becos if I really wanted to do that, names and photos will be up too. I've my own reason for doing so, and it's purely out of love. That's my only way to help him.

Love is, even when I'm not the one by his side, even when there's no returns, no matter how he hurt me, no matter how he treat me, I still want him to do well. 

The pain he has given me, didn't manage to take away the love I have for him. But I'm learning to let go, bit by bit. I've to pretend to be strong in order not to make my mum and kids worried about me. Being strong is the only option I have now.

I'll leave him to you now. Please try your best to help him. Thank you.

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  1. If a man truly loves,he won't hurt you.


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