Sunday, July 3, 2016


Last few photos before/after I cleared the car. Honestly don't know how to describe the feeling. I didn't cry but I wasn't happy either. (Okay, I ended up tearing again.)
If there is a pill to erase away all the memories, I'll gladly eat it. 
Why did God made me go through all these? Was it a good lesson learnt? Or was it my punishment?
Why did he create a heaven for me, and dropped me directly to hell, without any warning?
There are so many whys in my head. But I know I can never get answers for them. 
Not a single bit of excitement for the new car. Not that I'm proud or arrogant, but I just have no feeling towards anything now. I think even a Birkin can't make me happy now. 

Sigh... Life goes on. 

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