Sunday, July 10, 2016

Midnight supper!

Decided that I've nua enough (cannot lah, stay at home listen songs keep tearing, siao one), and my mama said I'm getting more and more skinny (define skinny please), I jio-ed my daughter for supper. (It was a very very last min decision, so I just change and go out, bare face!)

But, much to my surprise... Many people don't sleep at night. 


AFTER 25 mins wait, our number is 192. Wait until dozing off sia. Old liao, cannot dong night. I've not been out so late for dinosaur years. Zombiefied! 


Ordered way too much food and ended up dabao. Raeann, as usual, ate more than me. I don't have supper habit. 

But I just don't feel like staying at home and get myself emo. Though yes, I know, everyone has been telling me the same thing, it's not worth it. But aiya, it's a phase I need to go through, unless I'm a player. (I'm not going to becos of this, change myself into one. I still believe true love does exist, staying faithful and honest will bring me happiness one day. I'll not share my man, neither share myself.) Let's just say it's part of my "growing up" process. Been there, done that, learnt. I pray to God everyday, to help me remove him out from my mind. Time.will.heals. 

The benefit of being a young mum, able to jio daughter out for supper, when I still have the energy. Haha

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