Monday, August 1, 2016

My humble opinion on...

Parallel Importer

Yes. I have new cars too. 
(I'm waiting to close the deal before publishing this post. Not long, less than 1 week.)

For PI, price is not the main concern for some people. First question they will ask, "are they reliable?"

Some people buy, based on trust. They don't mind paying more, to feel safe becos they trusted you. Thus, if you screwed them up, you're not only ruining your own reputation but also ruining the trust people have on you. 

I'll not risk my reputation and credibility like that. I'll get myself into trouble if they screwed my referral up. So I repeat, I only deal with people who are trustworthy, not those who over-promised and under-delivered. (When it's too good to be true, it's not true!)

Gentle Reminder: Do remember to clarify all your doubts when I bring you down.

This deal was quite fast, done within 4 hours. (As compared to those that took months to think lah!) He bought at $111,800, 1 bid guaranteed with good trade-in value plus many accessories and he's very very happy with the deal.

For new cars, I'll always advise my customers to take ready stock, vitas ready and 1 bid guaranteed if possible. Pay abit more, get the case closed within 3 weeks. Save the troubles and nightmares for them & myself. 

The "waiting for delivery" period can be traumatising. Sometimes, it's not the dealer's fault, but delivery can be dragged for a month or two pass the delivery date. That's when people started to panick, worried about scam etc. 
Well, it's your hard earned money afterall. Spend it wisely, buy only from people you can trust. On my part (if you trust me lah), I'll do all the coordination until you get your car. Don't worry, there's no charges on the buyer, you don't have to pay me a single cent.

Direct Owner Sales

Beside dealers, I've a few direct owner cars on hand too. These people can't get their desired price from the dealers, and thus prefer to deal with buyer directly. My job is to "find" buyer for them.

I've tied up with insurance and loan agents so don't worry about all the paperwork.

This person is letting go his 5 years old C180 (1.8L) with all the accessories and his beautiful carplate together @ $99,800. The grill is so chio!!! 

The only negative thing about direct owner sales is that there is no lemon law. Therefore, you need to ask and check everything very very carefully before purchase. Don't ask me to check, I know nuts about car. If you also know nuts about car, you may choose to send it to a workshop to check for you lor. 

That's about all. I guess my only "motto" as a car agent/broker/whatever is to make both a "happy buyer & happy seller". Quoting my ex Coll, "I don't want to do one time business". 

For any enquiry, feel free to contact me @ 90087688. No obligation. 

Cheers! Beer is good for health! Drink more! Lol

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