Friday, July 29, 2016

My ℓσνє life is crap!

My friends have been telling me this. Frankly speaking, I knew it. No matter how hard I try, how I give in, it always turned out crap. It's fated. It's my life.

I've been to various fortune tellers before. All tell me the same thing. If I get married before 30, I'll definitely go through divorce. But my second marriage will be good. I've a lot of males in my life, mostly friends (becos I know how to draw a clear line), and they will help me out. 

On the contrary, a lot of females who don't know me well hate me, becos I always get unwanted attention everywhere. To clarify this, I DON'T NEED THOSE ATTENTIONS AND I HATE IT. I'm not an attention seeker. (I'm now pop across the car trade for a wrong reason. Kinda sway to have same name with someone! Sorry but I'm not 42. And I'll not go around spreading untrue stories! It's frustrating cos I've nothing to do with car trade in the past!)  

However, I'm truly blessed with friends who trust and love me for who I am. To a point, they defended me in my absence. No matter how facts get distorted, they will go "cannot be, I know her very well, she's not such a person." 

Becos I'm real and sincere to everyone. That's why I get real and sincere friends. 

The long expired birthday treat from Jane. I've been so busy, picking myself up.

Lol, my birthday is over long ago. He saw my FB and msged me. They are all very good friends for a longgggggg time. 

I knew how to draw a clear line in a sense if I know a person is trying to get close to me and I'm not interested, I'll keep a distance away and avoid him. I'll never lead people on. My actions and words are obvious enough for them to know. 

Therefore, my referrals are all proper ones, not those who want to "woo" me, as I'll not becos I want to close sales, make myself cheap. 

Sorry but I'm very 执着 towards love and relationship. I'll not stay in a relationship and love someone else. Even though the world is damn complicated now, but I still believe I'll find my happiness one fine day. 
月色摇晃树影 穿梭在热带雨林 你离去的原因 从来不说明
你的谎像陷阱 我最后才清醒 幸福只是水中的倒影
月色摇晃树影 穿梭在热带雨林 悲伤的雨不停 全身血淋淋
那深陷在沼泽 我不堪的爱情 是我无能为力的伤心


  1. I feel sad when i read what has happened to you.. So long never come ur blog le.. When i click on it to realise that u are picking up pieces.. Being ur reader since mei mei was born.. U have taught me so many life lessons.. Be strong.. And have trust in who u know in heaven.. I believe good will always happen to good people and u are one of them.. Take care.. And hugz..

    1. Thank you so much! :) I'm recovering already.

    2. Yeah.. Good to hear that... Take care.. And most importantly.. Your health..

    3. Yeah! Thanks! You take care too! :)


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