Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New focus!

LOL, my CB friend sent me screenshots of a FB page... I don't even know that page exist sia. This fucking 大婶 aka Joann Lim has been trying to "challenge" me. If you think you can, just come. Don't always post shit (Sweet moment @ Newton food centre? lol good try. Are you expecting me to cry like u? Don't understand why are you so proud of yourself cheating? And what's the big deal to go LTA and know men from there? Please leh, if it's not urgent & my own car, I've workers to run the errand. No wonder you achieved nothing at this age. Bimbo!) and act like you have won the game, becos I've never want to compete with you on anything before. You are not worth a second of my time at all. TYVM. 

A sense of relieve after the last post, becos I've finally let go of everything and focus on what I should now.

Keeping myself busy with selling cars (my sideline), so many enquires lor. After I blasted out, people started to msg me. (I might be closing 3 cars at once! *pray*) 

Improving myself with more marketing articles, afterall, social medias marketing is what I'm strongest at. And it's also the most in thing now. Cos nobody lives in stone age anymore. 

Internet is rocking the world. Living in this skeptical era, everyone search everything online. And when you have a bad name (just one negative feedback is enough), you probably can say byebye to your business. 

That's why only idiot post nonsense on Company's FB, so unprofessional. Think what? Personal space ah? Your customers interested in your personal life ah? Or interested in what you have for breakfast ah? (I say u, is for your own good! But of cos, you can continue to be an idiot.) 

My blog, www.joanne-says.com is being submitted to all search engines since birth. Which means, if I blog about U, and people Google/Bing/whatever, my weblink will pop out de. (That's why website is important, even though I always blog nonsense, but people like to read leh!) 

And hahaha, actually many of my friends are secretly reading it, I didn't know lor. 

He is one of them. People are guessing if he's my new... partner? Hahahaha! For me to know, for you to find out. 

He praised Benz Benz leh. (He was kinda tempted when he reads my blog! Many people got tempted actually.) He said its damn chio. I tell you ah, it will be more chio in time to come cos I ordered some accessories online liao. Show u all when its here! 


The more I drive, the more I fall in love with it. Chio and sleek outlook, internal also damn nice, and it's POWERFUL. I didn't know it's turbo sia. No wonder so 有力! And you know, the owner is chio too. Lolol 


I also have an old-new workshop to intro (will blog about it soon), my Beamer and Benz Benz have been there for a few times. But up till now, he didn't charge me for anything yet. Honest and nice. 

One friend told me, "The only car garages who are honest and good are those old and lok kok ones. Becos they don't overcharge, that's why their business is to 过日子 only." 

Then I look at my parents' business, it's true you know. Cos my mum is too kind, so the business becomes stagnant but proper. 平平淡淡过日子. 

However, if they decided to retire and sell everything away, hmm, they will become multi-millionaire. (One big crane costs 2 millions! And most are almost fully paid!) So I'm not kidding when I said I'm a 千金 you know. I choose to go out and work becos I want to be independent, that's all. 

Anyway, my parents don't spoil us in terms of material stuffs. We pay for our own cars, and things we wanted to buy. Cos they are not multi-millionaire yet, lolol. 

Can't wait for the accessories to come and I might be sending Benz Benz and myself for photoshoot. Discussing with photographer now. 


  1. Hi babe, mind to share the 大婶 aka Joann Lim FB page?

  2. Hoping that you will share the 大婶 aka Joann Lim FB page?


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